Do you get free meals for doing reviews? (Alternatively: Are you paid? Do you get special treatment?)
No. We do not contact the restaurants in advance of our visits and do not mention the review while we are there. In the rare instances where we receive anything for free, it is noted in the review, along with a description of how it came about. It is important to us that we have the same dining experience that you would had have if you had walked in on the same night, sat at the same table, and ordered the same thing.

You gave a poor review to one of my favorite spots! / You gave a great review to a place that I hate!
Restaurant reviews are unfortunately subjective. You may have different personal tastes than we do. The restaurant may have been having a particularly good/bad night. We may have ordered the best/worst thing on the menu. Due to time and budget constraints, most of the restaurants we review are reviewed on the basis of just one visit, our first. The reviews published reflect our personal experience and are far from the last word. We do try to provide enough detail in the post for you form your own opinion.

That said, please share your experiences by using the star ratings on each post and/or leaving a comment so that others may benefit from your experience as well.

Do you ever go back and revisit places you have already reviewed?
Personally, yes. We return to our favorite spots and give others second chances. On the blog, however, we do not currently do re-reviews. We prefer to focus on places which have not already been reviewed and there are so many places in town that we haven’t reviewed yet, and so many new restaurants opening up that we are a long way from running out. However, brief updates about new dishes and return visits are sprinkled into our Small Bites posts, so you can watch for updates there.

What are your favorite local restaurants?

We have so many great spots, it’s impossible to give a concise answer to this one! However, you can see our top rated restaurants here.

How does your rating system work?

We rate each restaurant on a scale of 1-5 based on the quality of the food. Half points are awarded or subtracted for service or ambiance that stands out.

I think you should review ______!

Awesome! Please request the review here.

I have a question/comment about something else. How do I reach you?

Feel free to use our contact form for any other questions or comments.

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