In 2007, I (Amanda) relocated to Huntsville from California. Like many other engineers in town, I came following a job offer. The hubby and I fell hard for the green spaces, friendly people, and easy commutes. We slowly began to explore our new hometown, but being used to a college student budget, it took us awhile longer to discover the culinary culture.

In 2009, I began actively trying to shake up our “same-old same-old” restaurant routine. But when I looked online for reviews, there was nothing. Undeterred, I just started picking new spots. Sometimes based on the recommendations of friends, but often based on nothing more than “Hey, what did that sign say? Let’s go there!” I love supporting local business and uncovering spots that not many people have tried. I have a deep love of food, but I’m not a food snob. I firmly believe that all food has the potential to be good food if it is fresh and prepared well. Which is why you’ll find reviews here for expensive, high end dinners and small ramshackle dives.

In 2010, I started The Dining Dragon to share what I was discovering and to help people avoid going to just another boring national chain out of convenience. I’ve looked at local favorites, to see if they live up to the hype, and I’ve tried some of those chains to see if there was anything to them. But mostly, I just wanted to uncover the best places to eat in Huntsville. Over the next four years, I discovered some amazing new (and new to me) restaurants, met some wonderful restaurateurs, and watched as our burgeoning local food community sprang to life (farmer’s markets, food trucks, a local Food Policy Council, oh my!).

In 2014, The Dining Dragon re-branded to Huntsville Eats with a newly enlarged purpose–to focus on local food in all of its incarnations. We’ll keep talking restaurants, but we’re also going to talk about gardening, cooking with local ingredients, farmer’s markets, bakeries, local shops, and more. We’re going to meet some of the people behind our local food products, and hear from people within the community about their experiences eating locally. In addition to myself, there will be other contributors sharing their perspectives–people passionate about both local food and our community. I hope you will join us on our quest to eat well; eat local.


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