On occasion we get invited to soft openings for restaurants. These are events usually held a day or two before the public opening which are meant to generate buzz and help work out any final kinks in service or set up. It wouldn’t be fair to do a review but we do want to give you a peek at what is to come. In these appetizer posts you can expect a few notes on what stood out and/or what you can expect. It should tide you over until the restaurant has a chance to settle in and we visit for a full review. Enjoy!

Royal Rose (12)

Royal Rose blends American, Greek, Italian and French dishes with an emphasis on seafood. It’s an interesting blend with spanikopita cozying up next to oysters Rockafeller and chicken fingers.

A few notes from our visit:

  • The bread was outstanding. Thick, spongey, slightly sweet, and served with an herbed butter. This is the sort of bread I dream of when I attempt to make bread at home.
  • At the time of our visit there were no high chairs but the staff was friendly to the boys and we were able to slide their car seats onto the booth bench.
  • The dessert case looked fabulous with towering cakes and a generous pecan pie.
  • The cod fish fingers were flaky and fresh.

Untitled design (2)

The menu is not yet up on their website, but you can click the logo below to see the copy I scanned.

Royal Rose Logo