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Old Town Beer ExchangeRecently Old Town Beer Exchange (OTBX) opened their doors to an excited beer and wine loving public. The beer and wine retailer is located in downtown Huntsville and is pretty much walking distance from everything. (I suppose you can say that about anything depending on how far you’re willing to walk, but  you can easily grab dinner at several nearby restaurants and then walk to OTBX.)


I have been to OTBX several times for work and pleasure and I have enjoyed it every time that I’ve gone. If you are going to buy alcohol to-go they have the necessary components: a wide selection, pleasant ambiance and knowledgeable staff.


The prices are comparable to other Huntsville locations. There is a wine chiller in the store, which will cool your warm beverage within 5 minutes, allowing you to show up to your party with ice-cold beer so no one needs to know you bought it last-minute.

If you want to drink on location there is also a full bar with 32 beers on tap and a selection of wines that you can buy by the glass.

I arrived to OTBX with fellow blogger Katie (check out her blog Katie Actually) and her boyfriend Joel at 5:45 pm. The bar was already pretty full at this point.

Katie and Joel

We managed to procure a table and two chairs, so Joel chivalrously offered to stand.

OTBX has a lot of fun elements in it giving it a rustic, yet chic feel. Most of the furniture and decor is constructed with locally refurbished wood that was salvaged from various homes, barns, businesses, etc. The tables are made from pieces of old barns and houses and the chairs were salvaged from the Kaffeeklatsch.

In addition to the local touches there are lots of techy gadgets. There are USB ports to charge your various technology, which will die quickly as you Instagram every beer you drink and duck face selfie you make.

The digital menu board tells you exactly how much beer is left at each tap. While you are Instagraming, Tweeting or Untappding your beer hashtag your posts with #otbxhsv and you’ll see your post pop up in the menu board. The wonders of technology! Another tech feature is OTBX also accepts Bitcoins.

Another feature is you can go drinking with your four-legged friends because dogs are welcome! Maybe cats too, but I forgot to ask. The hooks under the bar are to attach your canine’s leash to and  there a water bowl out front is for thirsty pups. If you ask the bar tender they will give your canine a couple of doggy treats. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG BEER! It is very bad for them.  I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but you never know.1Y2B8883Katie and I muscled our way to the bar and each ordered a flight of 4 beers. Depending on what beers you order your flight can range from $10 to $14.  Mine was $11 dollars plus tip.


1Y2B8893The taps are constantly changing, so this is a good location to go and try new things. If you are unsure what to order (it can be overwhelming with so many options) just ask the bartender. They are all very helpful, knowledgeable and happy to let you try a sip before giving you a full pour.


My only complaint is how crowded it was, but we were there at peak time on a Friday night and you can’t fault a business for being popular. If crowds overwhelm you go at lunch time or early in the evening. The bar opens at 11:00 am so you can sneak away from your desk for an early lunch. Though OTBX doesn’t offer food they are fine if you bring food in and there are plenty of places nearby to get something to go.

It is hard to recommend a beer because the taps are always changing, but you can check out the OTBX’s website and see what is on tap before you go. I recommend getting a flight so you can sample several different beer.  I had a Good People Coffee Oatmeal Stout with an ABV 5.7%. It’s a nice comfort beer, perfect for the cool weather.  I also had a lovely plum brew from Japan. It was amazing, but sadly I can’t remember the name or info on it.

I have already been back to OTBX and I’m sure I’ll go again soon.