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One Friday, while on the hunt for lunch, the hubby and I decided to stop in at Pinhook Provisions. After parking, we checked out that day’s food trucks and settled on Fire and Spice. Sister food truck to the popular Earth and Stone Pizza, they serve Mexican food with a kick.

The menu, which is posted on the side of the truck, has a helpful heat index so you know what you are getting yourself into (or as the case may be, fleeing from). We ordered at the truck window and the person taking our order offered to bring our food into the Cantina for us, which was very welcome on a blustery day.

I selected the OG tacos with smoked chicken. This promised to be one of the more mild dishes on the menu, though you could always opt to spice things up by ordering the Russian Roulette, which is the same order of 3 OG tacos, where one of the three tacos has habanero slices added. My husband chose the Fire and Spice Burrito and we added two canned sodas.

My tacos (shown at the top of this post) were built on toasted flour tortillas with a layer of melted cheese at the bottom, topped with tender chicken, piled with a mix of spinach and romaine and finished off with pico de gallo, sour cream, and cilantro.

The smoked chicken was moist and flavorful, imbued with a subtle smokiness and well marinated in a red sauce. The person staffing the truck had informed me that the tacos would include “drops” of Texas Pete hot sauce, which is considered fairly mild in the hot sauce world. The pico de gallo which featured chunks of fresh tomatoes and onion. I was delighted by the toasted flour tortillas as it’s one of those little details that makes a big difference in flavor and texture and a personal favorite of mine when making tacos.

I don’t know if it was the Texas Pete or the seasoning in the chicken, but there was enough of kick for me to feel a burn back in my sinuses and support my decision to stay far-far away from the truly spicy offerings.


My husband’s burrito was deemed “nice and spicy and tasty”. He liked the bold flavors, commenting that they didn’t just mush together like some other rice based burritos.

Fire and Spice lives up to it’s name offering plenty of heat for those that enjoy it. For those who prefer things on the milder end of the spectrum, pay attention to the heat index and opt to skip the hot sauce. I would happily dine there again.

Total for the meal: $23 (includes one order of tacos, one burrito, and two canned sodas)

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