On occasion we get invited to soft openings for restaurants. These are events usually held a day or two before the public opening which are meant to generate buzz and help work out any final kinks in service or set up. It wouldn’t be fair to do a review but we do want to give you a peek at what is to come. In these appetizer posts you can expect a few notes on what stood out and/or what you can expect. It should tide you over until the restaurant has a chance to settle in and we visit for a full review. Enjoy!


Farm Burger‘s premise is locally sourced ingredients, grass fed beef, and outstanding burgers. The build your own burger selections offer lots of unique options (bone marrow anyone?) and you can pair your burger with “adult” floats, craft beers, or wine in addition to the usual suspects.

A few notes from our visit:

  • I highly recommend the #5. Goat cheese on a burger really works.
  • The milkshakes are supremely drinkable (hooray!), with a thinner consistency that seems hard to find around town. This means you can a) actually drink it and b) finish one without being left with a belly full of sugary regret.
  • Soda selections are canned sodas, not a fountain.
  • The default is for the burgers to be cooked medium (which the staff makes sure you are well aware of when placing your order) but if you want something different, they can do that too.
  • Expect to spend around $10/person for a burger, fries and a drink


The menus vary by location (that whole locally sourced thing at work) and the Huntsville menu has not been added to Farm Burger’s site yet. But behold! I scanned a copy for you so you can see exactly what the options are (click either image to see a .pdf of the entire menu). Note that they have a kids menu, appetizers (retitled as “snacks”) and a special lunch price.

Farm Burger1

Farm Burger2


Find them just east of the Parkway on Bob Wallace.