Lizzy B’s Bakery and Deli [4/5]
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When Lizzy B’s opened last spring, I immediately added them to my “must try” list. A new bakery? I was on that! Then I was put on bed rest and have been (im)patiently waiting ever since. My hubby and I finally made it in for lunch on a cold Monday. I had a heads up that they served Piper and Leaf tea in the original jars, so we brought ours along for a refill.

Walking in, I wandered over to the bakery case to check out the selections–a banana pudding cake looked promising, as did several cakes frosted with the smooth sheen of chocolate ganache. The restaurant was quiet, with just one staff member acting as greeter and server. She welcomed us as we came in and told us to seat ourselves where ever we liked. The space was filled with 2 up tables pushed together to make larger groupings. A mixture of wood chairs and padded metal chairs made up the seating. We found a table with two padded seats which proved quite comfortable.

Once we seated ourselves, our server came over to take our drink orders. There were three flavors of Piper and Leaf tea available–Front Porch Special, Orchard Peach, and Birthday Cake. We both opted for lightly sweetened Front Porch Specials and turned to peruse the menu as she left to fill our jars.

In addition to the more standard cobb salad and chicken salad sandiwches, the menu had lots of novel offerings. Breakfast is served all day and includes a breakfast burrito and made to order quiche. The sides menu includes things like black bean salad, cucumber salads, fresh fruit and broccoli salad. The sandwich offerings range from updated grilled cheeses (including apple slices) to a “Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner” open faced roast beef and gravy sandwich served on a biscuit. The specials for the day were in line with the cool weather–chicken pot pie and potato soup.

I opted for the Grandma’s Sunday Dinner sandwich with a side of Copper Pennies (described by our server as cooked carrots and onions in a vinegarette). My husband selected the Chicken Pot Pie with a side of a cheddar and pineapple bake.

We chatted as our food cooked, taking in the vibrant decor. Lime green and a splashy pink adorned the walls and the black tables sported paper with equally loud designs lacquered down over the tops. The long counter by the bakery case featured blue bar stools and purple and blue accents were found throughout. A large clock behind the bar had spatualas, spoons, and whisks to denote the hours and a neon pink rim.

Our food arrived quickly and we happily tucked in. My roast beef (shown at the top of this post) was falling apart, swimming in a thick, almost creamy, brown gravy and served atop both biscuits (my sandwich) and a side of mashed potatoes. The drop styled biscuits were buttery with a tight, fluffy crumb instead of flaky layers. This meant they stood up well to the weight and moisture of the roast beef. They did run a touch salty, but overall it balanced fairly well. The mashed potatoes were super smooth but had a slightly pasty texture like they needed just a little bit more butter or milk. They were an excellent vehicle for the robust gravy however.

My side of  “Copper Pennies” surprised me by being served chilled. I am so used to cooked carrots being served in warm, butter based sauces that I had assumed these would be warm as well. Instead, they were almost more like a relish with cooked carrots mixed with small pieces of raw onions and bell peppers and enveloped in a thick, clingy sweet vinegar sauce. The onions and peppers added a satisfying crunch and the sauce reminded me strongly of the flavor of sweet pickles.  I greatly enjoyed this dish, but I could see those who prefer sour flavor profiles finding it cloyingly sweet.

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My husband reported that his chicken pot pie was “very good”. This was pronounced after the first bite and several “mmmms” followed. The bite I swiped was lovely, the sauce was thick and smooth without becoming a gravy. He also enjoyed the balance of his pineapple and cheese bake–the cheese mellowed the tang of the pineapple–while the roll was “pretty good”.

Still tempted by the banana pudding cake, we decided to split a slice for dessert.

The layer cake alternated levels of “cake” which perfectly replicated the flavor of banana pudding but in a bread pudding consistency with a creamy vanilla frosting. The denser texture made for an intense whallop of flavor and I was happy we had shared a piece because it would have been far too much for me alone. The cake was topped with crushed vanilla wafers, gone a bit soft from sitting in the frosting, and a dollop of freshly made whipped cream.

Lizzy B’s is full of delightful surprises. The menu blends fresh new offerings with classic standbys and they don’t shy away from intense flavors. Dishes are clearly house made with a freshness that sparkles but some of the flavors will be a “love it or hate it” proposition with little middle ground. We’ll absolutely be back to check out some of their dishes and explore more of the bakery case.

Total for the meal: $31.82 (Includes two entrees, two Piper and Leaf tea refills, and a slice of cake)