Three years ago, when I found out I was gluten intolerant my dining choices in Huntsville were still pretty slim. There were two options for gluten-free pizza and only one of them good, some of the time. In the last few years we’ve seen a huge shift with more and more restaurants offering gluten-free options and it seems like almost every pizza joint now offers a gluten-free crust. There’s still a risk of cross-contamination if you are Celiac but for those who are just intolerant, or making a lifestyle choice the options are now many. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are all great.

Mason Dixon Bistro and Bakery is responsible for some major strides in gluten-free offerings in Huntsville, especially when it comes to pizza. Their crust is fantastic and while they don’t offer a pizza at their restaurant currently, their crust is available at (at least) two local pizzerias: Sam & Greg’s Pizzeria and The Boot.

Sam & Greg’s offers some amazing pizza. They were one of my favorite pizza places when I was still eating gluten, and I really missed being able to eat there when I had to go gluten-free. So, I was quite happy when I heard they were offering Mason-Dixon’s crust. I already knew the Mason-Dixon crust was great (I’d used it to make my own pizza at home), so this was a definite win-win combo for me, and I was not disappointed. I can’t quite say the same for The Boot. While the crust was great I just wasn’t impressed with the pizza overall.

This year we saw another new pizzeria open in town. Pieology at Bridgestreet Town Center allows you to customize your pizza exactly to your liking, all for one low price. This is such an awesome concept and when I heard that they were also offering a gluten-free crust I knew I had to try it. I wasn’t disappointed. I was so not disappointed that I’ve eaten there almost once a week since that first visit. The fact that they make the pizza in front of you helps reduce fears of cross-contamination. The gluten-free crusts are frozen and kept separate from other crusts. They also use different pans for the gluten-free pizzas. Once you let them know you are gluten-free they will change their gloves and create your pizza exactly how you like it. Want extra toppings? No problem and no extra charge.

Of course, these are far from the only gluten-free pizza offerings in town. I’ve heard from many that Mellow Mushroom has an amazing gluten-free pizza. I tried it when I first began eating gluten-free and I wasn’t impressed. Perhaps they’ve changed their recipe since then. Pane e Vino was the first local pizza joint to offer a gluten-free crust. Their pizza is fantastic but too often the gluten-free crust doesn’t cook thoroughly, leaving an inconsistent pizza and experience. Even the national chains are getting on board–Dominos and Pizza Hut now offer gluten-free crusts. Want to do Take & Bake? Papa Murphy’s now offers Udi’s pizza crust.

The question these days isn’t where can you get a gluten-free pizza, but where do you want to go?

Julie Ryan

Julie is a Huntsville native that loves to eat local. She blogs about living with chronic invisible illness at Counting My Spoons.