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Beer Flight at Rocket RepublicAfter much anticipation the Rocket Republic Brewing Company opened their brewery and taproom in Madison on St. Patty’s day of this year. Though the brewery recently opened their doors to the public, they’ve been contract brewing since 2013 and have garnered quite a fan base.  I gave the brewery a couple of weeks to get into their groove before I paid them a visit.tap_room1I visited the taproom with my friend Ana, who is not a beer enthusiast (yet), but has a very sophisticated palate. As with many taprooms, it was an adventure to find. Due to zoning regulations, cost and building requirements, I’ve found that many breweries are located in unexpected places, usually off the beaten path. Rocket Republic is in a nice area on Production Avenue, but if you weren’t used to breweries odd locations it wouldn’t be where you would expect.taproom2Ana and I arrived on a Thursday at 4:00, when the taproom is just opening and there were already a few loyal fans sipping beer at the bar.

I was immediately impressed with the décor of the brewery, which was a combination of rockets and steam punk. There are lots of fun details including the bar, which is covered in painted gears, a table made from a rocket fin, and a life-sized cardboard astronaut. Clearly a lot of effort went into creating an enjoyable and interesting location.feature4Even the bathrooms were unique, which lots of fun touches such as the cool, steam punk light switch and door labels.bathroom1

bathroom2The taproom also had ping pong, darts and televisions to keep patrons entertained.  gamesAna and I ordered a flight that we could split. I was the designated driver, so I left most of the drinking to Ana, though I snatched a few responsible sips here and there. Our flight came with 5 beers: Vapor Trail Cream Ale, AstroNut Brown Ale, Peanut Butter AstroNut, Terrestri-ale Triple, and Mach 1 IPA.anaAna’s review for the flight.


Creamy with a light beginning and aftertaste. A bit bland.


Fragrant with espresso and tobacco flavors. Very smooth to the palate, fun on the tip of your tongue.

*This was both Ana and I’s favorite.


Peanuty.  This beer wins on originality and is fun to drink. Taste of America on your tongue.


Discreet smell, with hints of citrus. Very bubbly and similar to Belgium beers.

*This was my husband’s favorite from a different trip to the brewery.


If you love IPAs, then try this beer. Smooth with a bitter finale and very strong flavor. Drink with a good T-bone.

1Y2B5436There are usually food trucks serving meals from 4 to 8.   Just check Rocket Republic’s Facebook page for current listings. Anaheim Chili, was serving while we were there.

After an hour and a half we left the taproom, which was now packed. I will certainly be back in the future.

Cost: the pints are between $5 and $6 dollars. Flights of 5 are $6.

Sarah Belanger

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