Anaheim Chili

Your weekly serving of local foodie news!

  • Our Valley Events has put together a list of 100 local dishes to try this year. Many of these are my favorites (the loaded dog at Anaheim chili, shown above is outstanding…), and there are a few I would add (lasagna pizza at Venice Pizza, the biscuits and gravy at Edith Ann’s, the Eggs Benedict at The Eaves…). What about you? Spot any old favorites? Found new things to try?
  • Do you have your calendar marked for the opening of Mason Dixon Bistro and Bakery next week? The expanded version of Mason Dixon Bakery, they open on January 12th, with diner service beginning on the 14th! I am super excited to check out the new bistro.
  • C.C.Fridlin is teaching an “Island Luau” cooking class on January 24th, which sounds like a perfect way to warm up after the ridiculous weather this week. (Maybe if we wish hard enough, we can all wake up in Hawaii.) I have taken a couple of his classes and always found them fantastic.
  • If you are looking for a more budget friendly cooking class, check out the “Twosday” demos at Humphreys. For $30 you will learn to make an appetizer and mix a complimentary drink.
  • The Switch House, which has supported many small local businesses including Honeypie Bakery and Highbrow Cold Brew Coffee will be closing at the end of January as the owner relocates Pennsylvania and launches the 3-Ring Traveling Apothecary.
  • Beer lovers, this is your month! From Downtown Huntsville’s Winter Warmer Week, to Straight to Ale and Back Alley Bistro’s Craft Beer Dinner, to 1892 East’s Brewer’s Dinner with Old Black Bear Brewing Company, the biggest problem is going to be choosing what to go to.
  • Looking for new haunts? Check out my post at Our Valley Events with the new restaurants which opened in December.
  • Southern Foodscapes has put together a list of upcoming food, farm, and garden events. The salmonella and backyard poultry webinar may be of especial interest for those of you raising chickens.
  • The Marketplace Cafe’s Celebration Series is back with a Celebration of Basil. Fresh basil is one of the most delicious herbs and everything on this menu sounds oh-s0-good.

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