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  • Welcome to 2015! Did you ring in the new year with Hoppin’ John? You might find this article from Serious Eats interesting. It looks at how the industrialization of our food has changed the ingredients used in Hoppin’ John and thus changed the dish. I am reminded yet again why the heirloom varieties our CSA grows are so important. Modern life offers many wonderful innovations (like Skyping with my distant family over the holidays!), but we often lose things in our inevitable march toward progress and efficiency.
  • Mason Dixon Bakery has announced that their new Bistro location (2358 Whitesburg Drive) will be opening on January 12th, with diner service beginning on the 14th! The South Parkway location has already closed to prep for the move.
  • What’s for Supper has relocated and is now sharing kitchen space with Honey Pie Bakery. Starting January 5th, they will have a downtown pick up location at the Greene St. Market Store. (Thanks to reader Jeff for the tip!)
  • Jeff also reported that the “new” Greenbrier BBQ has closed. I will always remember them fondly as the place that showed me the potential of hushpuppies.
  • Beaurgard’s has been purchased by the owner of The Original Public House. As we reported previously, hey will be closing down the Jordan location and revamping the menus at the other locations. They will be moving to a fast casual approach and some of the updates (like the ipads for ordering) will be familiar from The Original Public House.
  • Bigfoot’s Little Donuts has closed for the winter and will reopen in mid-March when it warm’s up a bit.
  • Viet Cuisine is now offering clay pots!
  • Starting today, Cyn Shea’s is celebrating 20 years of business with 20 days of specials that are favorite items from past menus!
  • Today is also the Grand Re-Opening of Urban Chez, which opened briefly last spring.
  • Al.com rounds up their 12 “best eats” of the year. Start pondering that question yourself and look for a poll here soon.
  • Something about the new year–maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the new start–has me craving leisurely brunches out. Shown above is an omelet from Edith Ann’s, but the full Irish Breakfast at The Original Public House and eggs Benedict at The Eaves are also on my radar. What are you craving this year?

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