Farm to Table Photo Shoot

Editor’s Note: When looking at glossy magazine pictures, it’s easy to forget that you are looking at the result of lots of hard work. I always love seeing what goes into making things actually happen. So when Sarah wrote up a feature on Huntsville Eats for Event Magazine, I asked her to share the behind the scenes story here. 

I recently had the pleasure of photographing your favorite food blogger and reviewer, Amanda Conger.  The magazine featured Amanda in their Center Stage section to talk about eating farm-to-table, blogging, and the Huntsville food scene.

Because I was also writing the article, I knew we were going to focus on the farm-to-table movement, so I figured lets drag a dinning table to the middle of a farm and photograph there.

My initial thought was to place Amanda in a pasture surrounded by 100 cows!  Maybe not 100, but many, many cows.  The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a wonderful idea.  Thankfully, before Amanda’s shoot, I visited a cow farm for an unrelated photo project.  It was there that I discovered cows were much bigger than I remembered and not particularly fond of camera’s flash.

When the farmer told me, “Be careful of that bull there, he likes to trample people,” I decided we needed to photograph much smaller farm animals for Amanda’s shoot.  This is when the idea of the Chicken Farm-to-Table shoot was born.

Free Range Chickens

As luck would have it, I recently had made pasta with Roberta Adams, and she introduced me to Mark, who owns a farm with chickens and cows.

After much scheduling and planning, Amanda and I packed my car full of camera equipment and props, including a table, a couple of table cloths, dishes, glasses, a lunch box filled with fried eggs, numerous outfits, jewelry, etc. and headed to the farm.

The photo shoot went really well and we made friends with Mark’s two dogs: Cat and Bug.  They especially loved Amanda because she was the one sitting at the table with food.Dogs love eggs

Roberta was kind enough to come assist on the shoot.  I didn’t endanger Amanda’s life by sticking her in the center of a herd of cows, and I was able to grab a couple of shots of the bovine from afar.

Amanda and Roberta and a cow.

Below is a video of some of the details behind our shoot! You can see the final results by picking up this month’s Huntsville Event Magazine at any of these locations.



Sarah Belanger

Sarah works as a photographer and writer in North Alabama and has photographed for numerous national brands including Southern Living and Cooking Light. She also writes for several local magazines including No’Ala Magazine and Huntsville Event Magazine. See more of her work at S. Belanger Photography and keep up with her adventures at The Jealous Crumpet.