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5 A's

5 A’s Restaurant was requested by both Ginger and Pamela, so ladies, this one is for you! Based on the suggestion, the hubby and I headed in for a weekend lunch. After entering, we walked the length of the dining area to reach the counter. The menu appeared on a two TV screens hung above the counter, one with the listings and one with labeled pictures. After studying the menu, I opted for a gyro plate, while my husband selected a chicken gyro sandwich and an appetizer of the Mediterranean olive hummus. We added two fountain drinks and after paying, stepped over to the soda fountain to fill them. We surveyed the seating options and settled ourselves in a booth by the windows.

Most of the seating was similar booths, although there were a few which offered a bench seat paired with chairs. Opposite the large wall of windows were mirrors with etched patterns which successfully made the restaurant feel roomy. Full sized statuary sat on pedestals, intermingiling with chalky white “columns” wrapped with fake ivory. A beaded curtain led to the bathroom. The overall effect was, somewhat surprisingly, clean and welcoming. A single flat screen showed sports on one wall, rather tucked out of the way and light 90s pop played over the speakers.

Our appetizer was brought out to our table in short order.

5 A's

Served with both thick, pillowy pita bread and half moon shaped pita chips the hummus was a touch gritty. For me, it was not a distracting level of grit, more like “oh, this is the texture, okay” because the flavor was spot on, but I still would have preferred a smoother consistency. The pita chips were crunchy but clearly fresh, a happy surprise since I usually find pita chips to be stale and overly hard.

Our entrees followed shortly thereafter, with no awkward pause.

My gyro plate, shown at the top of this post, featured a salad, rice, two long curls of gyro meat, some pita, and a couple of orange slices. The portions were beyond generous, my husband and I could have easily split one plate. The salad was comprised of crunchy romaine, slices of cherry tomatoes, pitted kalamatra olives, peeled and sliced cucumbers, and small pieces of red onion sprinkled with feta. An oil based dressing with a sharp, strong flavor was provided in a small cup, but I found I didn’t need it. I was delighted to find the olives pre-pitted as it saved the awkward moment of trying to gracefully spit out a pit. The sliced cherry tomatoes were equally thoughtful (no squirting tomato guts all over yourself when you bite into them!) and the romaine was a bright contrast to the limp iceburg lettuce which seems to comprise so many salads. The onion was a burst of flavor.

The rice was long grained and thin, very lightly oiled, enough that it did not stick, but not so much as to be greasy. The meat was tender, moist, and flavorful. The Taziki sauce was thick with small bits of cucumber, like the hummus it was ever so slightly gritty.

5 A's

The hubby greatly enjoyed his gyro, happily noting that it “wasn’t drowning in sauce”.

Our experience at 5 A’s was positive. The workers were kind and the food both delicious and inexpensive. I wish the various sauces had been blended just a bit more completely to eliminate the gritty textures, but the flavors were spot on. I was also a bit surprised at the ratio of rice/salad to gyro in my gyro plate. There was plenty of meat, but it was definitely skewed in the direction of rice/salad. On our way out, I noticed a cooler with additional beverage options including San Pellegrino, Orangina, and yogurt based drinks. We would  happily go back any time we are in the area and I would absolutely recommend checking it out.

Total for the meal: $19.88

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