Red Fish Teriyaki Asian Express [3/5]
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Red Fish

Looking for dinner one Friday night, the hubby and I stopped in at Red Fish Teriyaki Asian Express. (That’s a mouthful!) I had a vague awareness that they did some sort of pan-Asian menu and offered sushi but didn’t have any details. As we walked up, I was surprised to see a sign indicating there was a drive through. I mean, when I think drive through, I think burgers and fries not sushi.

After entering the restaurant, we headed up to the counter and studied the menu: sushi, some “classic” pan Asian dishes, and bento boxes which married the two together. I was a little disappointed that there was no orange chicken and instead settled on a small beef and broccoli and an order of egg rolls. My husband went the sushi route, selecting a California roll and an avocado cucumber roll.

After placing our order, we filled our drink cups and settled in at a table which proved to have sticky spots. The booths reminded me strongly of mall food courts, bright primary colors with a single swooping piece making the entire bench–seat and back. Seating options also included high tops with stools and regular four-up tables. Napkins were dispensed at the table and a single (fake) potted tree stood guard by the door, lending a nice pop of life. The mustard yellow walls were bright without being garish.

Our food arrived remarkably fast. The egg rolls came out first, followed in quick succession by my husband’s sushi and then my entree. I was impressed to see that everything came out served on real ceramic and glass plates with careful attention to plating.

Red Fish

My egg rolls were small with a lightly crunchy exterior. The veggies were surprisingly fresh but the dish left a slightly artificial after-taste and there was an odd cold spot in the center. The accompanying sweet and sour sauce was thin, sweet, and left with a quick kick of spice to the back roof of my mouth, which ended as quickly as it began.

Red Fish

My “small” beef with broccoli (shown both here and at the top of the post) looked so much like a regular sized entree that we actually double checked our receipt to confirm that they hadn’t misheard my order. It wasn’t enough food for 2 meals, but it was enough food that my husband had to help me finish it. The beef was thinly sliced, just a touch chewy, and coated in a sauce that was piping hot. The sauce itself tasted like a thickened version of beef broth and soy. It was salty enough to overwhelm any other flavors in the dish. So while the carrot rounds and broccoli florets still had a nice crunch, they tasted identical. The fried rice was nicely done, with small bits of egg and a lack of greasiness.

Midway through our meal, someone apparently placed an order through the drive through as I was startled by an unexpectedly loud version of the teacher on Peanuts. Thankfully it was a quiet night so we were only interrupted once, but I wouldn’t want to be dining in if the drive through was busy.

Red Fish

The hubby declared his sushi “surprisingly good for fast food”.

If you are in the neighborhood and looking for something fast with friendly service, then Red Fish might be a good bet. And if you are craving sushi but don’t want to get out of the car, they are certainly the spot to head. But if you are looking for truly great pan-Asian cuisine, then point your vehicle elsewhere.

Total for the meal: $19.60 (Includes two sushi rolls, one small entree, one order of egg rolls, and one soft drink)


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