Viet Cuisine--Bo Napoleon

Your weekly serving of local foodie news!

  • Y’all! Do you see that number at the top of this post? That means this post marks 6 months of Small Bites! That’s happened in a blink of an eye. I hope you all are enjoying reading them as much I enjoy being able to share these tidbits of news with you. We have so much good stuff happening in Huntsville that it feels criminal not to share.
  • Did you know that Mango’s offers Sunday buffets? Now you do! (And who doesn’t need more fried plantains in their life?)
  • Speaking of Sundays, The Bottle will be open on Sundays in December. I have heard nothing but praise for them, including from some picky foodie friends, so I have faith that a holiday gathering (or an escape from the holidays) would be in good hands with them.
  • Do you need an excuse to buy marshmallows from Pizzelle’s? (Okay, silly question. Would you like an excuse to buy them?) The wonderful ladies over there pointed out the application of marshmallows in that traditional Thanksgiving dish…the sweet potato casserole. Say goodbye to stale-ish Jumbo Puffs and embrace the wonderfulness of house-made marshmallows. (Or conveniently “forget” to use them for the sweet potatoes and keep them for yourself. I won’t judge.)
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered with both seasonal foods for your feast and local spots who will handle the cooking for you. Act fast though, some places stop taking pre-orders today!
  • Big Spring Environmental has tips on how to reduce your food waste this Thanksgiving including ideas for what to do with those leftovers and strange turkey bits. Liver anyone? (Hat tip to Veg Out Huntsville for the link)
  • And if Thanksgiving is just not your holiday? Or if you need to burn off steam after so much togetherness? Bandito Southside will open the bar at 8pm with live music. As always, they are family friendly, with room for the kids to dance off the “too much pie” sugar rush.
  • This week I found the blog Shop Small which discusses buying local in Alabama. I’m a couple of weeks too late to contribute to her Kickstarter to write a book about her experiences and the importance of buying local so I’m hoping it will be widely available once printed.
  • Today and tomorrow at Brix, bring in either your Margarita Ball Invitation or a new, unwrapped kid’s toy and get 1/2 off a bottle of wine.
  • And yes, that Bo Napoleon shown up top from Viet Cuisine was just as delicious as it looks.

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