Anaheim Chili

Your weekly serving of local foodie news!

  • Tis the season for cold weather comfort food. Anaheim Chili’s focus may be chilis, but I love them best for their loaded dogs.
  • The crew at Pizzelle’s is handing out candy to wee ones tonight as part of Lowe Mill’s trick or treating from 6-8pm. Looking for even more chocolate? Come in to  the store in costume and get 10% off your order.
  • Speaking of Lowe Mill, are you planning to stop by the Day of the Dead altar? If so, check out NPR’s review of the significance of the various items on the altar.
  • The Valley Planet’s 2014 “Best of” Poll is now up and running. Grab your favorite beverage a comfy chair for this one…it’s long.
  • It looks like Piper and Leaf may have a few spots left for their Singing Samovar event tomorrow afternoon
  •  Today is national caramel apple day! (Strangely, national candy day is Nov 4th, save y our Halloween haul I suppose for a proper celebration ; )
  • While we are discussing food  holidays, you should probably also know that November is both national Peanut Butter Lover’s  Month and national Fun With Fondue Month. Sounds like peanut butter fondue for Thanksgiving, no?
  • As the weather gets colder, the farmer’s markets and CSAs are winding down. Last week was our last summer share CSA pick up with Doe Run Farms and yesterday Green St Market finished their season. Both will pick back up in May. Continue to get your local produce at indoor farmer’s markets like Ayer’s Farmer’s Market on Parkway.
  • Thoughts turning to you Thanksgiving menu? Feeling a little overwhelmed with making it all happen (me too)? Check out Dinner by Design’s Thanksgiving Tasting tomorrow afternoon to see how their dishes can help you focus on what matters most this holiday.
  • Sweet potatoes seem to be getting trendy lately (hullo sweet potato fries). (Not that I’m complaining.) Looking to branch out beyond the standard recipes? Check out the Marketplace Cafe’s Celebration of Sweet Potatoes on Wed, November 19th. There are sweet potato fries, yes, but also ice cream, hash, crostini and more.

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