You may be noticing that things look a little different around here! So I’d like to take a moment to give you the grand tour. Grab a drink, make yourself comfortable, and I’ll give you the scoop.

What happened to The Dining Dragon?

Over the last four years, I’ve watched our local food system expand, grow, and thrive. Part of my drive in running The Dining Dragon was always to encourage people to choose to eat at local restaurants by helping them find them and encouraging them to try something unknown. But my passion extends beyond just restaurants to all local food. I want to share that with the community as well.

But why change the name?

The Dining Dragon was a derivative of my camp name of Dragon. Since the new site will not just be written by me (more on that in a minute), I wanted something more inclusive. Also, as meaningful as The Dining Dragon was to me personally, it’s not particularly descriptive for people new to the site. Huntsville Eats is instantly understandable.

So other than the new name and look, is there anything different about the site?

The biggest change is the expansion of the content, which includes the addition of other contributors and more frequent posts. Previously, I generally posted twice a week–restaurant reviews on Mondays and a Small Bites (local foodie news) on Fridays. In addition to those, we will now also be posting on Wednesdays. The Wednesday posts will cover gardening, cooking with ingredients from the farmer’s markets, interviews with local food producers, stories from the community about why they eat locally, and more! Some of these posts will be authored by me, but we will also be adding contributors who bring passion and expertise in different aspects of local food. Nicole Castle will be authoring our posts on gardening and Sarah Belanger will be writing our Farm to Table recipe series. Both women are talented photographers and writers with a passion for local food and I am thrilled to have them contributing to the site.

Another change I am excited about is the ability for readers (that’s you!) to add their own rating to our restaurant reviews. You will note that each review post now has 5 gray stars under the title. You can mouse over them and select from 1-5 stars to share your opinion. I will be the first to tell you that my experience is not the end-all-be-all of reviewing local restaurants and I’m delighted to be able to offer this. Of course, you are always welcome to share your more detailed thoughts in a comment. : )

Any other big surprises I should be prepared for?

While the site, as we are launching it, is a good start, there is more to my vision than just what you see here. We will continue to roll in features over the next few months. and will keep you informed as these are introduced.

Okay, sounds exciting! is there anything I need to update to make sure I don’t miss out?

If you read the blog through an rss reader, you will need to update your subscription to http://huntsvilleeats.com. Similarly, if you have the site bookmarked, please update your bookmark! We will be slowly changing over our social media accounts, and if those changes require any action on your part, we will keep you updated.