Your weekly serving of local foodie news!

  • This week, the hubby and I tried Pure Sodaworks. It’s made in Chattanooga and available locally at The Artery (they drive into Tennessee to stock up!). And it is delicious. We sampled the Apple Pie and the Hibiscus Lemon. The Hibiscus Lemon was subtly sweet, like a less sticky, less sugar heavy, fizzy lemonade. The Apple Pie tasted exactly as though we were drinking carbonated apple pie filling. Both the hubby and I did a double take. Caffeine free, made with all natural ingredients, local, and amazing? Hurrah!
  • This is THE week for food trucks. Both Tim’s Cajun Kitchen and Chuck Wagon launched mobile companions to their brick and mortar stores.  If you are looking to get a food truck fix, tonight is the September Street Food Gathering on Church St. Haven’t been before? Check out Our Valley Event’s survival guide
  • While you are at Our Valley Events, check out their comprehensive list of events during Huntsville Beer week which starts today!
  • Remember when I was telling you how swoon-worthy the BBQ Sketti at New Market BBQ is? Well, it’s on the menu this weekend so the hubby and I have made our Sunday lunch plans… (You’ll know us by our plates. If you see two engineer types loading up on bbq sketti and smoked mac and cheese? Come say hi. ; )
  • Earth and Stone won the Best Pizza Food Truck for 2014 on Mobile-Cuisine!
  • Tuesday, September 30th you can Dine Out for the Arts. Just order at one of the participating restaurants and tell them you are “Dining Out for the Arts” and a portion of your purchase will go to The Arts Council. This is the group behind panoply and concerts in the park, and many of the participating restaurants are local including Old Heidelberg, I ♥ Sushi, Commerce Kitchen, and the new Juno Brasserie.
  • Piper and Leaf is hosting their first Social in the Shop on this coming Tuesday, the 23rd, at 7pm.  (Apparently Tuesday is the hot new night to do things. I am suddenly feeling very old.) Also, speaking of Piper and Leaf, you can now vote for them in Martha Stewart’s American Made Competition! Use the #AmericanMadeAwards hashtag on facebook and twitter to boost their chances even further!
  • Are any of you using PepperPlate? It’s a recipe storing site which does neat things like make shopping lists from your recipes. I’m forever pinning things on Pinterest or saving them in emails, so I’m  hoping this will be better approach to keeping them all straight. Any tips?
  • Belle Chevre’s Huntsville Tasting Room has changed their hours to Thursday-Saturday 11am – 8pm. They carry both goat cheese cheesecake and goat cheese ice cream so walking in there can be dangerous, but trust me, it’s worth it.
  • And, of course, this week we relaunched as Huntsville Eats! If you haven’t poked around the site yet, I encourage you to do so! Some of my favorite features? The search bar (up in the upper left corner) is much improved (give it a spin!) and you can now rate the various restaurants with the small stars below the title on the post. Ever felt that I missed the mark with a review? Now you can assign your own ratings. I’ve been thrilled by all the encouragement and support received so far, thank you! And, as always, if you have suggestions or improvements, please use the contact tab up top to reach out. : D

If you have foodie happenings you would like shared, drop me a line using the contact tab above.