Meaux’s New Orleans Sno-Balls [4/5]
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Meaux's Snowballs
Although summer may be winding down, it looks like these warm temperatures will be sticking it out awhile longer. Looking for a cool treat on a hot day, the hubby and I sought out Meaux’s at their new home in front of Packard’s Antiques Center. Their trailer sits inside a small section of the parking lot, marked by a low fence and kept company by two picnic tables.

We quickly decided on two of Meaux’s specials in the “kickoff” (small) size–the French Quarter Wedding for me and the Funkey Munkey for my husband. The staffer made each sno-ball as we ordered, handing them out the window as she finished them, and accepted payment afterwards. (Happily, they accept credit/debit cards.)

Sno-balls in hand, we settled into a picnic table. Each treat was generously sized and came with both a straw and a spoon. This was clearly borne of experience as there was a good deal of liquid to start with–the result of having poured syrup over crushed ice–and the heat ensured that the ice quickly melted to make more.

My French Quarter Wedding (on the right in the photo) was “stuffed”, meaning it had a scoop of rich and creamy french vanilla ice cream in the center. The crushed ice was topped with “wedding cake” syrup and sweetened condensed milk, whose combined flavor reminded me of vanilla and confectioner’s sugar. There was a lovely harmony between the ice cream and the crushed ice. The ice thinned out the ice cream, making this much more refreshing than an ice cream cone, and the ice cream lent a creaminess to the texture and a richer flavor.

My hubby’s Funky Munkey (on the left in the photo), was crushed ice topped with banana and chocolate syrups and sweetened condensed milk. I was leery of how chocolaty a chocolate flavored syrup could be, but in the bite I sampled, it was better than I expected. It was still a bit of a thin flavor (being a syrup and ice), but unmistakably chocolate. My husband pronounced it “good summery fare”.

Meaux’s semi-permanent setup is a nice spot to take a break. The picnic tables had umbrellas which provided shade and we noticed a bucket stocked with sidewalk chalk for doodling. There is a large grassy strip separating you from the highway, so it’s easy to have a conversation without yelling over road noise. They are a mobile operation though, so keep your eyes peeled for them around town, and check the Facebook page for other places they may be. Sugar free options are available, as are foam cups, if you are wanting to take your sno-ball on the road. For a refreshing sweet treat, these work beautifully.

Total for the meal: $6 (includes one “kickoff” French Quarter Wedding and one “kickoff” Funky Munky sno-ball)


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