New Market BBQ

The final stop on the Rocket City Food Bloggers Tour was New Market BBQ! (Catch up on our first and second stops.) The clouds were threatening us with ominously large drops, so we skipped the outdoor pavilion, and headed inside to sit at the long counter. We were greeted warmly by the owners, Libby and Kelly, who kept the line moving by taking down our orders as we milled about catching up. You know, since it had been so long since we’d seen each other. ; ) They do a lot of catering and it showed. When our meals arrived, they came out on a cart, neatly sorted, labeled with our names, and with nary a mix-up. Color me impressed.

After we finished our meal, the bloggers lingered. It’s funny how food fuses friendships and sharing 3 meals, 3 days in a row with this group, certainly created camaraderie. What other group understands that it’s cameras first, then forks? We talked restaurants, blogs, apps, and food, food, food. I greatly appreciate the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau organizing this tour and giving me the chance to try some new dishes and restaurants with some fabulous bloggers.

And the CVB isn’t just interested in giving away lunches to bloggers–you can enter to win their daily giveaway just by answering that day’s question on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest) and using the tag #dinehsv. Each day a post will be randomly drawn to win a $20 gift certificate to one of the participating restaurants. You can see the schedule of prizes here.

New Market BBQ’s Specials:

New Market BBQ

My Thoughts:

New Market BBQ is located just close enough to town to be convenient, but far enough to feel like a get-a-way. The drive up from Huntsville proper is peaceful, lined with lush green trees. And at the end of your drive is great BBQ and an adorable collection of pigs! I usually opt for the pulled pork (I recognize the irony here of thinking pigs are both cute and delicious.) However, I was curious about the BBQ Sketti. I had only tried it once before (elsewhere) and found it to be awful. But I wanted to give it a second chance. After all, even great dishes can be tragically butchered by poor cooks. So I selected the $10 lunch special with green beans, baked beans, and a slice of chocolate pecan pie.
My highlights were:
  • The BBQ Sketti. Thick spaghetti noodles tossed with a house-made red sauce, sauteed peppers and onions, and smoked pulled pork. Y’all this blew my mind. I’ve been kind of “enh” on pasta lately, but I happily ate my entire serving and was a little wistful when I finished it off. This is a special menu item that only appears about once a month, so go this week and try some!
  • The chocolate pecan pie. I’ve been curious about this pie since my first visit to New Market BBQ. Turns out it’s pecan pie studded with chocolate chips and, in one of those bizarre-yet-true turns, the chocolate chips actually cut the sweetness of the pecan pie and steer it away from the “sweet overload” category and into “dangerously delicious”. The chocolate chips also added a nice crunch to the soft texture of the pie.

Thoughts from Around the Table:

  • Foodie Army Wife enjoyed the food so much, she ordered a second meal to bring home for her husband.
  • Southern Plate  calls this spot a favorite and loves how moist the roast chicken is.
  • The Jealous Crumpet‘s amazing photos include a great selection of the pig collection!