G & G Pizza [2.5/5]
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G&G's Pizza

One Friday night, the hubby and I decided to shake off a particularly chaotic week by taking a drive out to New Hope. The winding roads stayed just out of sight of the river, but the trees shone in the dusky light. We ended our drive at G & G Pizza, a small building off the side of the highway. The parking lot was full and people were popping in and out, mostly picking up orders they had called ahead.

We ordered at the counter, selecting a large special, no mushrooms, no anchovies, and two drinks. A large refrigerated case offered bottled drinks for the pick up orders, but since we were eating in, we opted for small fountain drinks. After we placed our order, we collected our cups, and headed back to the small dining room. The fountain was small; the ice dispenser was a stand alone machine and the tea was served next to it in pitchers.

We filled our cups and selected a table. Despite the bustling pick up business, the small dining area was well utilized with several other families dining in. One look told me that the table we’d landed at was covered with crumbs and a gentle prod revealed it was also impressively sticky. No doubt the staff had been kept busy enough filling orders that they hadn’t made it out to check recently. I stopped back at the counter and requested a rag to wipe it down and was happily surprised to have the request fulfilled both promptly and cheerfully.

With the table cleaned, we sat and chatted, taking in the decor. The tan walls were topped with a chilli pepper wall paper border, the valances had images of canning jars. Plaques from the local soccer teams they’ve supported hung on one wall. A few paintings decorated the others. A single small tv hung in one corner and although it was muted, there was a general background whir.

Our pizza arrived pipping hot with two Styrofoam plates and a plastic knife. The olives, especially the green olives had a strong canned taste. The bellpepper was crunchy and the thinly sliced pepperoni had crunched up nicely around the exposed edges. There was a bit of spice to the pizza, both from the sausage used and the sauce, which tasted to have some red pepper flakes in it. Thick mozzarella was concentrated in the center of the pie and small flecks of an unidentifiable herb were sprinkled across the top. Although the flecks were plainly visible, they didn’t add to the flavor. The crust was a rather sorry experience. The outside edge was thin and crunchy with a well defined crust. However, there was a fist sized spot near the middle of the pizza which was doughy and undercooked.

G & G Pizza has the homey feel of a a local pizza joint. The place you head to when you want something unpretentious and close at hand. Their menu encompasses pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, pasta, salads, and pie, making it an easy way to feed a family full of differing opinions on where to eat. Our pizza toppings were lackluster but serviceable, however, the large undercooked section seemed out of place for a restaurant with “pizza” in it’s name. It’s not someplace we’ll be in a hurry to get back to but, given the number general bustle, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving it another try.

Total for the meal: $22.95 (includes a large specialty pizza and 2 small fountain drinks)


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