On On Tacos [4/5]
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On On Tacos
Lured by the promise of board games with friends, the hubby and I grabbed our copy of Lords of Waterdeep* and headed down to Straight to Ale on a Tuesday night. Coming off a long day of work, we decided to keep things simple and grab dinner from On On Tacos, which was conveniently parked outside along with Sugar Belle.

Knowing we would have some time before the next game started, we went ahead and ordered the delicious but messy sounding nachos. One pork nachos for me, one chicken for the hubby, and two canned sodas. We ordered and paid (with debit, hurrah for mobile card readers!) at the window and then walked to the right to grab our drinks out of the coolers sitting on the loading ramps. This had the benefit of netting us ice cold drinks and letting us root around to pick the variety we wanted. However, it also meant it was a bit of a guess as to what would be in the cooler–something I hadn’t thought to ask. We lucked out in finding our preferred beverages but keeping one can of each variety in the window could easily circumvent this.

We were told to come back in five minutes for our order, so sodas and boardgames in hand we headed into the brewery’s back room where we located a table and set up under the supersized fan. We said hello to a few people and headed back to the truck where we found our food ready and waiting for us.

I had known when ordering that spiciness might be an issue. I’m a mild to barely medium kind of lady and the “jalapeno garlic queso” sounded equal parts delicious and dangerous. So when I took my first bite, it was to gingerly taste the cheese sauce. And it was with a sense of victory that I found it to be a little spicy but not overwhelming. This gave me the confidence to pick up a chip loaded down with all the toppings and take a large bite. Which is how I discovered that while the cheese sauce was fairly mild, the pork was not. It was decidedly in medium territory and the spice built as you ate. About halfway through my nachos I went vegetarian, piling the pork in a corner for my husband, who assured me it was delicious. In addition to being spicy, the pork was also bar-b-que flavored, another point I hadn’t expected. It worked well, and if not for my “mouth catching fire!” reaction, I think it would have been lovely.

The pork dominated the nachos for me, so while a bite of just the coconut rice confirmed that it was a sticky rice with a light coconut flavor, that was completely lost when mixed in with the other ingredients. The chips were salty and sturdy white corn chips, reminding me of the Mission tortilla chips we always had growing up. The sparse black beans added a bit of color and a nice contrast to the crunchy chips, but again, they were lost in the crowd flavorwise.

On On Tacos
My husband, a fan of solidly medium spice levels absolutely adored his chicken nachos. They were “Really good! Really flavorful!” and they disappeared impressively fast.

For those of you who like things on the spicy side, On On Tacos will be a treat. I’ll leave it to you to try the additional salsa supplied with the nachos and report back on the effect. For those of you who like things very mild (like me) or downright spice-free, On On’s menu doesn’t give you a whole lot of options. My husband reported that the chicken had a similar spice level to the pork and, knowing this, all of the dishes include at least two spiced ingredients. For me, personally, On On is a little too much heat. Still I suspect we’ll be stopping by their truck in the future, especially at multi-food truck gatherings where we can grab dinner for my husband from them, and pick up my meal elsewhere.

Total for the meal: $17 (includes two orders of nachos and two sodas)

*Yes, we’re board game nerds. Those of you who follow me on Instragram are totally unsurprised. In fact, you’ve seen this game before.

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