Bigfoot’s Little Donuts [4/5]
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Big Foot's Little Donuts

The hubby and I caught up with Bigfoot’s Little Donuts at Battle of the Food Trucks in downtown Huntsville. Due to the size of the event, there was a bit of a line, but the enticing smells wafting overhead convinced us to stay put. It was worth it.

When we reached the front of the line we examined the chalkboard sign set up. We had our choice of cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar, or a graham cracker inspired rendition. Patrons were limited to 2 dozen of the mini donuts, with all donuts in a dozen being the same flavor, for $4/dozen.

We selected the powdered sugar and the cinnamon and sugar, placing our order and paying at the small window. Once our order was placed, we were able to watch our donuts being made, fresh. A small machine extruded dough into perfect rings, plopping them down onto a conveyor filled with boiling oil. The donuts floated along like inner tubes on a lazy river, two by two, until they came to a stop against the flipping mechanism. The mechanism would dip down, allowing a pair of perfectly fried donuts to slip into the scoop, and then pop up, flinging them into a collection tray and resetting the stop for the next pair. A donut professional then scooped the donuts into a box and handed them off for a dusting of whatever topping you had selected.

Aside from being fascinating to watch this also meant that our donuts were 100% fresh and still warm. So, despite the fact that we were planning to share them with friends later, we did the only sensible thing and immediately stopped to sample them.

Big Foot's Little Donuts

The cinnamon and sugar donuts smelled like churros, a heavenly throwback straight to my childhood. A first bite revealed a middle ground in the cake vs glazed donuts war. These have a significantly lighter texture than cake donuts but are more substantial than the airy glazed donuts. The cinnamon and sugar topping lent a bit of crunchiness and made these my favorite of the two.

The powdered sugar donuts (shown at top), shared the same base flavor and texture (no surprise given that they are made from the same dough). However, the powdered sugar gave them a sweeter flavor and a softer touch. The powdered sugar and still warm oil turned to a slurry on my fingers, but it was a delicious problem to have.

After sneaking a taste, we headed over to our friend’s house and shared out the donuts. They were met with stunned looks and exclamations of “these are really good!” even well after they had cooled off.

These donuts were delicious. Cleanly executed, completely tasty, and they involved a cool machine! We’ll definitely be headed back to try some of the more exotic flavors they offer when not swamped with approximately eleventy-million people. They are set up on South Parkway in the mornings, but they are out and about the town at night and they offer a fixed price per hour service for events (who needs wedding cake when you could have mini donuts?).

Price for the treat: $8 (Includes 2 dozen mini donuts)


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