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Sady's Bistro

Sady’s Bistro has been on my “to try” list for ages, but we keep missing their dinner hours. When the hubby and I were both home from work earlier than expected one Friday, we seized the chance and headed in. With a prime spot in Madison and a sandwich laden menu, I expect Sady’s is bustling at lunch. For dinner, we had the place to ourselves, which was good as it gave me plenty of time to wax indecisive over the menu.

I finally settled on having breakfast for dinner and stepped up to the counter to order a Mi Morena breakfast plate and a strawberry cream smoothie. The hubby added a Turkey Avocado sandwich and a bottle of diet coke. For his side, he selected chips and salsa. I was excited to see that Sady’s uses Fred Bread and sells both Fred Bread and goodies by Mason and Dixon Bakery. They even had diabetic friendly candies.

After placing our order, we picked our table, a corner one with some squishy padded chairs. Most of the tables had tall vases with a rose and two daisies. Fresh flowers always make me feel at little bit more alive so I smiled at the sight. Shortly after we were seated, my smoothie arrived.

Sady's Bistro

It was generously sized, much larger than I had anticipated. Thankfully, being an ice based smoothie (as opposed to yogurt) it was light and refreshing. Milk gave it a touch of body and the strawberries and honey harmonized into a light sweetness. The fresh whipped cream topping sank into the last bit of the smoothie and added fullness. Small bits of strawberry would occasionally stick in the straw. Despite gaping at the size when it first arrived, I found myself in danger of finishing it before my food arrived–and not because my food was delayed, but because it was too good to set down.

Shortly after I held an internal smoothie intervention, our food arrived. The size of my smoothie should have clued me into the size of my plate. It hadn’t but thankfully my meal was still fairly reasonably portioned. My breakfast (shown at the top of the post) featured scrambled eggs, bacon, black beans, plantains, corn tortillas, slices of a soft white cheese, and a self described “sweet sour cream”.

The scrambled eggs with light, fluffy, and grease free. The black beans were refried, smooth and lightly salty. Thin, crispy bacon captured the classic bacon flavor–nothing mapley or smokey about this, just straight up, no-nonsense bacon. I prefer my bacon still flexible, so it was cooked a bit past my tastes, but it steered well clear of charred. The hubby prefers his bacon on the crisper side and this was just about perfect for him. The crispness of the bacon did contrast nicely with the thick, soft slices of sticky plantains. Their flavor was beautiful, sweet and rich, I felt like this was what plantains should be.

The “sweet sour cream” was thin to the point of being pourable. It hit an odd note in the dish, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it–pour it over the plantains? Make a breakfast burrito with the eggs and splash with the sour cream? Without the full creaminess of standard sour cream, the flavor seemed both tart and shallow, ending before I could quite capture it.

Sady's Bistro

The corn tortillas which came with my breakfast were worlds apart from the corn tortillas available in grocery stores. Clearly fresh and housemade, these were soft, thick tortillas with a mild corn flavor. They were drier than your usual flour tortillas but still flexible enough to gently roll. I paired them with the soft, semi-solid white cheese and it was a beautiful match. The mild cheese with its hint of saltiness and subtly tangy aftertaste added just enough oomph to the steady tortilla. I’m still guessing though as to the type of cheese. I am not sure if this was a gentle goat cheese or a moist tajo cojita. The semi solid texture was a less creamy than most goat cheese and the flavor not as sharp, but it also seemed a little too moist and not salty enough for a cojita.

Sady's Bistro

The hubby declared his sandwich “Good!”. His jalepano Fred bread was spicy and the sandwich nicely balanced–loaded down with turkey, just a touch of mayo, and fresh avocado. The chips were thin and cripsy, but he was disappointed with how mild the salsa was. The small helping of fruit was colorful and ripe.

As we ate, I glanced around the restaurant–with just a single, small TV above the counter and cheerful orange and green accent walls, it felt cozy. I was delighted when the hubby noted that the wifi password was clearly posted–on the sugar container. It was rather chilly in the restaurant, despite the springish weather outside, but I suspect that changes once the room is packed with people.

We greatly enjoyed our meal–breakfast served all day! Fruit and veggie smoothies! Fred bread! I was happy to see they not only offered gluten-free options but also had a chalkboard up front clearly detailing them. The patio will be lovely in the upcoming spring weather and look forward to returning to enjoy it. They have also opened a second location in Providence, which may be closer depending on where you are coming from.

Total for the meal: $24.42 (Included one Mi Morena breakfast, one smoothie, one sandwich, and a bottled soda)

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