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The hubby and I made it into Pizzelle’s on the day of their 1st anniversary celebration. I’d heard fantastic things about their chocolates and I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. After some wandering about (pro tip: they are in the southern building of Lowe Mill, not in with the artists’ studios) we found our destination. The brick interior of the shop was charming and the small tables inviting. We read our options from the chalkboard menu while standing in a short line. By the time we reached the counter we were ready with our order–one box of four truffles, a Mommy Dearest bar, and a drinking chocolate. Since it was their anniversary, we received another truffle free with purchase. We opted for Age of Aquarious, The Holy Trinity, Goodbye Earl, Date Night, and The Sitar. In the drinking chocolate, I was given such a wide range of marshmallow flavor options that my brain sort of shut down. The hubby piped up with “peppermint” and I nodded.


The chocolates we packed up for later, but the drinking chocolate I savored over lunch. The cup was much smaller than a standard coffee cup. The shot below shows it with the hubby’s diet coke for reference.


However, it was rich enough that the smaller size was exactly the perfect amount. The dark chocolate was so thick and creamy that it coated my tongue. The handmade peppermint marshmallows melted into the chocolate as I drank, making it minter as I reached the bottom. The final melted marshmallows were gooey enough to sip through the lid with a lovely light flavor. Fresh whipped cream added to the creaminess, though it dispersed much more quickly than the marshmallow.

Upon reaching home, we stored the chocolates in the cupboard. Later that night, we had a spontaneous chocolate tasting.


From the top left:

Goodbye Earl: With a gorgeous gold speckled, blue shell, I kept expecting this one to be celestial in title. Instead, it has a quirky country song reference as a play on words, because the base flavor is earl gray tea. The chocolate had a faint smell of tea, with the flavor bursting through after the first few bites. A touch of honey was a nice nod to traditional tea pairings and added a hint of sweetness. The crunchy shell complimented the buttery smooth chocolate.

Age of Aquarious: A new special flavor, the triangular shape and soft pastel colors reminded me of an Easter egg. The truffle smelled and tasted strongly of lavender. The chocolate was rich and dark with a creamy, soft caramel and a crunch from the candy shell.

The Sitar: The sparkling red to yellow fade caught my eye in the display case and when we were asked to select a free truffle, there was no contest. Chai layered over a white chocolate base flavor was wonderfully balanced. I was impressed with how well the two flavors married into a single smooth truffle.

The Holy Trinity: Soft, creamy dark chocolate and crunchy coca nibs marry in a union given depth by sea salt. The menu lists liquer as an ingredient, but the final result was not boozey at all. Instead, the final result is so light as to be floating.

Date Night: This truffle smelled like oranges due to the candied orange peel on top. The orange infused chocolate was rich and dreamily smooth. The orange peel was chewy, lending an unexpected texture to the candy.


The Mommy Dearest Bar was about 3 inches long. Coconut blended into marshmallow covered a bottom layer of almonds. A light touch of salt and a thin crunchy layer of chocolate made this the candy that every Almond Joy bar aspires to be. The marshmallow gave it a chewy texture and the bar had enough oomph and flavor for even a small piece to be completely satisfying.

My hubby summed it up well. As we sat in the kitchen, comparing notes and savoring flavors he said “That was the best chocolate experience of my life.” And I agree 100%. There’s a lot to love about Pizzelle’s. All of their cocoa is fair trade. Their chocolates are drop dead gorgeous and utterly amazing. Holiday chocolate. Birthday chocolate. Just because chocolate. You-will-never-look-at-store-bought-chocolate-the-same-way-ever-again-chocolate. If you haven’t tried them yet, go, go now. Thank me later.

Total purchase: $14.14 (Includes one bx of 4 truffles, one Mommy Dearest bar, and one drinking chocolate)

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