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Curry In a Hurry

Looking for something warm and still low key, the hubby and I headed into Curry N A Hurry for a Friday dinner. We squeaked in about a half an hour before the 8pm close. The restaurant is combined with a small grocery. Practically speaking, this means that one wall of the shop is lined with dry goods and a couple of refrigerated cases for cold drinks. You walk in and place your order at a counter along the back wall.

We spent some time perusing the menu before settling on a small boneless curry chicken for myself and a small stewed beef for my husband. Each entree came with two sides. I selected brown rice with peas and plantains. The hubby went for fried rice and curried potatoes. We added two cans of soda and chatted with the owner while our food cooked.

She was so personable that I was almost sorry to see our food arrive as quickly as it did. Our food was packaged in take out boxes and set upon a tray with silverware. We carried it over to our selected table and set up shop. The tables were wood with the baby pink and blue coloring long out of style. But the padding was comfortable and the sunny yellow walls cheerful. Various flags rung the ceiling.

Curry In a Hurry

My chicken curry sported large pieces of chicken with the bright yellow exterior that points to a sauce based on turmeric. Each piece had a lovely flavor and smelled heavenly. The dish wasn’t marked as spicy, but a small, slow burn built on my tongue as I ate. It was a drier sauce, so while the rice and peas picked up some of the aroma and extra bits of sauce, they were not wet, nor throughly coated. The large, plump grained rice was an instant favorite. The mild flavor provided a lovely backdrop for the curried chicken. The “peas” were few and far between and, notably, red.

Further research revealed that Caribbean rice and peas dishes use “pigeon peas”, with kidney beans often standing in. I suspect these were the actual peas, since they were a bit drier, much like a split pea often is, but I couldn’t swear to it.

My plantains were sliced diagonally and achieved dessert levels of sweet. They sported a dark exterior and tasted as though they had been cooked in syrup.

The hubby’s stewed beef (shown at the top of this post) was meltingly tender and he described the curried potatoes as “very good”. They looked to be seasoned with the same spice combination as my chicken.

Curry N A Hurry was a wonderful choice for a cold night. The food was flavorful and the service remarkably warm and welcoming. For those on the prowl for good vegetarian options, their selections are extensive. More adventurous carnivores among us will be pleased by the inclusion of goat and ox tail. We’ll absolutely be back.

Total for the meal: $23.95 (included to “small” entrees and two canned soft drinks)

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