Big Cove BBQ [4/5]
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Big Cove BBQ

Saturday night, while the rest of Alabama was glued to the Iron Bowl, the hubby and I decided to grab dinner and a movie. Looking for something low key, we headed up to Big Cove BBQ. While the game played on a TV in the corner, we scanned the menu–pulled pork, chicken, or ribs. With a bustling pick up business, the ribs had sold out so we both opted for pork. The pork plate for me, and the pork plate made into a sandwich for the hubby. A bottle of water and a canned soda topped off our meal.

After placing our order at the counter, we seated ourselves at a small table covered with a red checked vinyl tablecloth. The seating area was small with just a handful of tables, so it didn’t take long for us to take in the red curtains and hanging wall signs (“7 days without bar-b-que makes one weak”). The hubby was in the marching band through college and so takes a passing interest in football when restaurants have it on. It just so happened that right after we sat down, Alabama made that impressive 99 yard touchdown. Which is how I found myself getting sucked into a football game. (Right about now is when I should admit to having only once, in high school, actually set foot in a football stadium.)

Our food came out quickly and the young man who brought it out bounced in and out of the dining area, making sure we didn’t need anything and discussing the football game with us. Apparently he used to play football, so he had some inside knowledge on the pain inflicted by helmet on helmet collisions. His passion was infectious and the discussion made for a congenial atmosphere.

Still, my plate (shown at the top of this post) had the bulk of my attention. A heaping pile of food, it was easily two full meals for me. The pulled pork was tender with no sauce or flavorings preapplied. It walked that narrow line between moist and dry, being just wet enough to have a nice texture. The bar-b-que sauce supplied with the pork was a thin, vinegar based sauce that added a punch of flavor and brought out the sweetness in the pork.

The plate had come with predetermined sides–baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and rolls. The baked beans were my favorite dish of the evening. Sprinkled in with the beans were bits of sweet pickles and green bell peppers. The sauce was lightly sweet and ran to the thin side.

The potato salad featured red potatoes with the skin still on, mixed with a healthy dose of mayonnaise, small pieces of crunchy celery and topped with a sprinkling of black pepper. It was tasty enough, but a bit plain. I kept searching for the pieces of hardboiled egg that my brain kept telling me should be there, and I was continually bemused by discovering only potato. I suspect this was a combination of the mayonnaise making everything look evenly white and lumpy and the fact that I adore hard boiled eggs in potato salad. You will probably not be subject to this mental tick.

The coleslaw was also mayo based, with a few carrot bits mixed in with the cabbage. Diced, it was easy to eat without spattering sauce. The flavor was slightly sweet, but not particularly memorable.

I was surprised to see that my meal included not one but two rolls. Both were a doughy white bread, brushed along the top with butter. The butter was a nice touch as it added a bit of oomph to otherwise fairly standard rolls.

Big Cove BBQ

They hubby enjoyed his sandwich and even paused from the football action long enough to remark on the coleslaw.

We enjoyed our meal at Big Cove BBQ. The owners and staff were friendly and engaging, the baked beans delicious, and the atmosphere cozy. The pulled pork was tender and complimented by their red sauce. It’s a bit of a blank canvas, just pure pork, which is not my usual preference, but they do it well. The other sides had a homey feel, more “good potluck” food than professional polish. Still, we’ll be back.

Total for the meal: $16.33 (Included two pork plates, one canned soda, and one bottle of water)


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