The Sicilian Italian Restaurant [4/5]
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The Sicilian

The hubby and I were returning from an overnight trip to Gadsden one Sunday when we decided to stop in at The Sicilian for lunch. It had been on my “to try” list for ages, so this was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

We were warmly greeted and quickly seated. It took a few minutes for me to place why the small restaurant seemed so relaxing. It wasn’t the pretty hand painted mural that took up an entire wall. Not the fellow patrons, mostly families stopping in after church and greeted by name. No, instead it was the absolute lack of background static. There were zero tvs. None. Not even a small one up in a corner playing on mute. There was not piped music, not even a local radio station. Just the light patter of other diners and the joy of having a conversation with my husband which required no shouting or repetition. It was fabulous.

Once I managed to shake myself out of the delicious sense of relative quiet, I managed to focus on the menu. I settled on the fettucini alfredo, add chicken, while my hubby opted for a gryo.

My pasta dish included a salad (shown at the top of the post), which arrived promptly. A base of crisp iceburg supported chopped fresh tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, and slightly sweet white onion. The accompanying greek dressing was olive oil based and tasty enough, but not really a standout.

Along with the salad, our server brought out breadsticks.

The Sicilian

I’m not sure if that was standard practice or if the breadsticks were related to my order of pasta, but either way, they were tasty. Pillowy, brushed with butter, and sporting a slightly yeasty flavor. Our later refill was not quite cooked through, and were left a bit doughy in the center. They were done enough to eat, but another minute or two in the oven would have finished the job.

Shortly after I put the finishing touches on my salad our entrees
(and an automatic breadstick refill) arrived.

The Sicilian

My pasta was picture perfect. The chicken was cut into large pieces and applied generously enough that I didn’t have to meter out the chicken in order to have some left when I reached the bottom of the dish. Much to my delight, it was delivered with a spoon so that I could properly twirl my alfredo noodles. (I have a fond childhood memory of being taught the fine art of pasta twirling by my father. To this day, pasta spinning makes me smile.) The pasta was cooked just past aldente and thickly coated in a creamy sauce. Seasoned with lots of pepper, the bottom of my dish included small tell-tale lumps that melted on my tongue–bits of roux clinging to minced garlic–proof that it was made on site.

My husband’s gyro was gigantic, but he did it justice, leaving just an empty plate. He appreciated the pita, the pile of meat, and the fact that it was not drowning in sauce.

The Sicilian

We really enjoyed The Sicilian. The staff was cheerful, prompt, and helpful. Our drinks were kept full and the portions were far from small. The food was was tasty, clearly made on site, and served in a blissfully media free environment. If we lived closer, this would have a good chance of becoming a regular spot. As it is, we will probably stop back in the next time we are passing through.

Total for the meal: $24.00 (est.) (Includes one gryo plate, one fettucini alfredo with chicken, and two soft drinks)

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