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Sunny St Cafe

Looking for a weekend treat, the hubby and I made plans for a Sunday brunch at Sunny Street Cafe. We arrived to find a people spilling out of the waiting area, onto the sidewalk and into the parking lot. We approached the hostess stand with some trepidation, but were told to expect just a 20 minute wait. That was doable, so we claimed some sidewalk space and chatted. Almost exactly 20 minutes later, our name was called and we were seated at a table in the back room.

Coffemate cups were stored in pastel mini buckets, sitting atop the thick vinyl tablecloth. Framed black and white photos hung on the wall. Our server took our drink orders–one hot chocolate and one diet coke–as we perused the menu. We had our option of breakfast (pancakes, omelets, breakfast plates…) or lunch (sandwiches on pretzel buns, french fries…). The hubby nearly went with lunch but as far as I was concerned, when breakfast is on the menu it’s the only decent option is breakfast.

I settled on the Smoked Sausage Breakfast with scrambled eggs, a biscuit instead of toast, fresh fruit, and add a side of gravy. My husband selected the Hearty Breakfast with blueberry pancakes, hasbrowns, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

My hot chocolate had appeared while we pondered the menu.

Sunny St Cafe

Giant piles of whipped cream usually bode well for good hot chocolate and this was no exception. Rich and smooth, it was clearly made with a creamy milk base not just powder dumped in hot water.

We sipped our drinks and discussed the week past and the one up ahead while waiting for our food. After the wait at the door, it didn’t surprise me that the wait stretched out a bit, but I was disappointed at how loud the restaurant was–it was difficult for me to hear and focus on my husband as he was talking. When our food did come up, the hubby’s blueberry pancakes were mistakenly delivered as plain ones. Our server caught the error and they were instantly replaced.

The fruit lent my breakfast plate (shown at the top of this post) a bright burst of color and I was pleasantly surprised with the variety, if not with the ripeness. The bananas were firm, the grapes juicy and the pineapple fresh. However, the strawberries were watery, the canteloupe borderline unripe and the honey dew flat out unripe. The sausage links were tasty enough, sporting a salty, smokey flavor. The scrambled eggs were fairly standard, cooked in a small amount of butter.

Sunny St Cafe

I was rather astonished by my plate of biscuits. I had anticipated a single biscuit since I was swapping out for toast. Apparently, Sunny St. Cafe takes their biscuits seriously and I was staring down two biscuits, each the size of my fist, and an equally daunting bowl of gravy.

The biscuits were fluffy, a bit chewy, and a nice blank slate for the gravy. The gravy itself, while not bad, was almost entirely devoid of personality. It was creamy, with large chunks of sausage, and a nondescript overall flavor.

The hubby reported his meal as “pretty good”. He enjoyed his hashbrowns, with their crisp exterior, soft interior, and gentle salt levels.

Sunny St Cafe

The pancakes rated an “okay”.

Sunny St Cafe

Sunny Street Cafe offered a nice change of pace. Both the hubby and I were intrigued by their lunch menu (and the delicious looking pretzel buns that kept parading past our table) and we would happily go back. That said, while their breakfast wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t amazing. If you are looking for a new casual Sunday brunch spot, give it a try. If you are looking for the kind of place where you want to Eat All The Things, adopt the chef, and move in on a semi-permanent basis? You’ll probably want to keep moving.

Total for the meal: $22.74 (Includes two breakfast plates, one soft drink, and one hot chocolate.)

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