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Zen Beri

Faced with an expiring Groupon, the hubby and I headed into to the Madison location of Zen Beri to soak up the last of summer. A frozen yogurt place with an upscale ambiance, Zen Beri features retro inspired tables and chairs in translucent shades of pink, blue, and green. The walls sported silver panels with trees. High chairs were available, but they did not cater specifically to kids–no play area or art easels here.

Their flavors were similarly balanced. More sophisticated flavors like dark chocolate and sea salted caramel rubbed elbows with cotton candy and vanilla. Calories were posted on signboards and non-fat, sugar free, and non-dairy (sorbet) options were available. Strangely enough, no calories were listed on the toppings. ; )

For the indecisive (coughmecough) they have small taster cups that let you sample a flavor before committing. Intrigued by the cotton candy flavor being a greek yogurt, I chose to sample that. I was surprised that while the cotton candy shone through, the tartness of the greek yogurt did not, the overall effect was still very mild.

Delicious though it was, I steered toward the dark chocolate and sea salted caramel flavors, two of my perennial favorites. The topping bar was an impressive array of candy, fruit, nuts, cereal, and cake. Trying to stick with things that would compliment my chocolate/caramel blend, I chose chocolate chips, a brownie, toasted coconut, and a fudge sauce. And then, just because I wanted to try them, I added some strawberry boba. The hubby stayed more classic–vanilla yogurt with crushed Oreos on top.

We were coming in after lunch, looking to spend our Groupon and enjoy small, sweet treat. So it’s probably not a surprise that we didn’t load our cups to the brim. What did surprise me though, was how far below our $10 Groupon we were. We were so far off that the cashier suggested we make up a third cup and offered to hold it in their freezer for us. I was rather dubious that it would travel well, but in the spirit of adventure, figured we’d give it a try.

Eventually, we got paid and settled. Two cups of yogurt happily being enjoyed at our table and one safely ensconced in the freezer behind the counter.

My yogurt was creamy, the dark chocolate full bodied, the caramel salty, it made a lovely pairing. The semi sweet chocolate chips added some crunch, as did the nutty toasted coconut. The frosted brownie was disappointing, tasting like pretty much every store bought brownie ever. The fudge sauce was surprisingly thick and deliciously rich. The small bobas had a thick jelly like skin, once you bit into them, the liquidy center exploded out. The strawberry flavor was the syrupy flavor of strawberry candy, but the liquid delivery kept it from being overbearingly sweet.

The hubby is not a huge frozen yogurt fan, but he found his “pretty good”.

Zen Beri

And our to go cup? We settled on cotton candy greek yogurt topped with cheesecake, coconut, candied strawberries, and strawberries. After having been frozen while we ate, it survived a car ride home and another (overnight) bout in the freezer before being eaten. It looked like a hot mess, having melted and refrozen, but the flavor stayed unchanged and the cheesecake pieces stood out as an excellent addition.

The frozen yogurt at Zen Beri is tasty, the flavors eye catching, and the toppings bar rather dazzling. The more adult oriented atmosphere would make it a fun place to catch up with friends. There were plenty of parents there with kids, but the lack of toys/play area meant things stayed a little more low key. If you are looking for a frozen yogurt bar, it’s a solid option. I was disappointed with the chemically aftertaste of the brownie, but happy to see non-dairy and sugar free options being offered.

Total for the meal: $10.21 (Included 3 small cups of yogurt)

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