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Which Wich

Hungry and looking for a late lunch, the hubby and I stopped in at Which Wich. Never having been in before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Against one wall, under a large menu was an array of brown paper bags, a writing shelf, and a container of Which Wich branded sharpies. Printed on the bags was a checklist menu, specific to the type of sandwich printed on top. This arrangement struck me as genius–pokey orderers could stand to one side and take their time and the written instructions remove possible miscommunications.

Which Wich

As an engineer, I was equally delighted with the logically organized menus (for example, there are four varieties of mayo, so it gets its own category.) I was happy to see a generous veggie section, however it clearly led to one breakdown. The standard “veggie sandwich” was instead…a hummus sandwich. For those who are watching their carbs, there are options for lettucewiches and bowlwiches. On the sweeter side, the menu also held shakes and ice cream sandwiches.

The hubby and I spent some time pondering our choices. I settled on a BLT, add avocado and spinach and mayo. My husband opted for a hot chicken sandwich with dijon mustard, pepper jack, onion strings, lettuce, tomato, black olives, and jalepanos. We filled out our bags with some glee (Does playing with sharpies ever get old? I think not.) and took them up to the counter where we handed them off to a young woman who rang up our order. Since our bags held all of the instructions needed, we were free to fill our drinks and pick a table.

Our names were called when our sandwiches were ready. Unwrapping them at our table, we found that they were already sliced in half for easy eating.

Which Wich

My BLT featured thick cut bacon, chopped into small pieces, salty and still warm. The rich mayonnaise added flavor but was thankfully not overwhelming. My requested spinach and lettuce were densely packed and added a nice bit of spring to the sandwich. Disappointingly, the avocado had been mushed and spread on the bread, so the flavor disappeared into the sandwich and was not really noticeable. Three slices of tomato, carefully arranged, suffered a similar fate, which was rather sad for a BLT, where the tomato should be one of the stars.

Innocuous enough in this case, but rather alarming for those with food allergies, a stray olive from the hubby’s sandwich had made it into the center of my sandwich, exposed by the cut. The wheat bread I selected had a lovely texture with just a hint of chewiness but it had a very subtle flavor, more white bread than wheat.

The hubby enjoyed his sandwich (shown at the top of the post), calling it “really good”. He was delighted with how fresh the jalapenos were.

As far as chain sandwich shops go, Which Wich is clearly one of the best. The ingredients are fresh and the set up efficient. Taste-wise, I was transported back to a small sandwich shop in LA that my mom and used to go to as a special treat. I was disappointed that there were no sprouts on the menu as that would have completed the nostalgic picture. I wish the tomatoes had been more generously applied and the avocado left sliced, but that last one is probably more personal preference than anything else. The stray olive did raise an eyebrow, as it demonstrated a potential cross contamination risk for those with allergies.

Total for the meal: $14.82 (included two 7″ sandwiches, a bag of chips, and one soft drink)

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