Sugar Belle Cupcake Truck [3/5]
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Sugar Belle

After a late dinner downtown, the hubby and I decided to stroll around a bit. We were hoping to catch sight of some food trucks as part of the new ordinance. Naturally, sight of Sugar Belle piqued our interest.

We were still full from dinner so we pick up our orders to go. I quickly settled on a Bourbon Bacon Chocolate (because how could I resist a combination that intriguing?). The hubby’s first choice was already sold out, so he opted for a Chai Tea Latte.

It struck me as a little odd that they were out of flavors right off the bat. Apparently, they sell cupcakes from 2-6pm on Fridays at LSINC on Governors Drive (the same building where the taco bus parks). Those sales were strong enough that they’d had to bake more cupcakes before heading downtown. Whether the vanilla didn’t make the rebake cut or we were just too slow, the result was the same.

Because the cupcakes are already made, making our decision was the longest part of the process. We were quickly on our way with one small take out box containing two cupcakes.

Upon arriving home, we decided to stash our treats in the fridge for the next day. My bourbon cupcake was rather wiffy, so we decided to give the more delicate chai cupcake it’s own tupperware container. During this process, and in a spectacularly coordinated move, I managed to drop the bourbon cupcake squarely upside down. Thankfully, it was in a box at the time so it was still 100% edible. Unfortunately, it was no longer nearly as photogenic. I will spare you the carnage. (Unless, of course, you click that link.)

The next day, we pulled our cupcakes out of the fridge for the great tasting! These are reasonably sized cupcakes, with a fairly typical amount of frosting. Prior to my testing that gravity was still in effect, each was topped with a similar piped swirl of frosting. My bourbon cupcake additionally had about 1/3 of a slice of bacon pressed into the top, lying flat across the frosting.

As my sniff test from the night before had indicated, the bourbon flavor was quite strong in both the butter cream frosting, where it completely overwhelmed the chocolate, and the cake, where is left a light burn in the back of my throat. Now, I tend to like the flavor of bourbon, so I wasn’t put off by that, but I was surprised by just how boozey the frosting seemed. I had anticipated a lighter touch.

The cake had a light, dry crumb, so dry as to be almost chalky. It went pasty in my mouth which was rather unpleasant. Even the bacon was off, despite having crunchy edges and chewy center, it had a slightly burnt smell and flavor so that instead of imparting a nicely salty punch it detracted wholly from the other flavors. This is one of the few times in my life I found myself picking the bacon off something.

I was disappointed in the Bourbon Bacon Chocolate cupcake. It had so much potential and it just went…weird.

However, my husband’s experience with the Vanilla Chai (shown at the top of this post) was the complete opposite. The cake was moist and rich, winning the accolade of “best vanilla cake base ever”. The chai buttercream was creamy, smooth, and really allowed the chai; normally a shy, delicate flavor; to shine. Light and dreamy, this was a cupcake to seek out again and again.

Our experience left us rather muddled. I won’t be trying the Bourbon Bacon Chocolate again anytime soon. Yet the Vanilla Chai set a whole new bar for vanilla cupcakes. Overall, I say proceed with caution. Sample the flavors first before placing a large order, but know there is at least one gem.

Total for the meal: $5 (Included two cupcakes, if purchased individually they are $3/each)

Find them according to their schedule here.