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Tony's Italian Deli

Tony’s is one of those places that I’ve heard about for years in little murmurs here and there. Words like “amazing sandwiches” kept getting tossed around, so the hubby and I headed in for lunch one day.

Located off Wal-Triana, near the old Integraph campus, Tony’s is well suited to the business lunch crowd. But with hours extending from 9:30 to 4, their definition of “lunchtime” is generous. The hubby and I had our choice of an expansive menu–pasta, Chicago style hot dogs, desserts, and more sandwiches than we knew what to do with. After much waffling, I settled on a 6″ Godmother with oil and vinegar. My husband selected a 6″ Chicken Bada Bing with a bag of chips and we each added a drink.

After placing our order at the counter, we walked to the back of the small store and selected our drinks from the refrigerated cases that lined the back wall. As we walked, the hubby choose his chips from the racks on the side wall.

After collecting our drinks, we picked a table and settled in. We chatted and took in the New York inspired decor–license plates, street signs, a Metro map, and a Goodfellas image grouping. The tables were covered with thick vinyl tablecloths and loud fans whirred overhead, combating the sticky heat outside.

Our sandwiches arrived shortly, heaping piles of bread and meat and toppings. I had trouble trying to keep everything in my sandwich and compress it down small enough to take a bite. Despite my best efforts, my tomato slices slid out and landed on the paper lining the basket.

Tony's Italian Deli

Once I managed to take a bite, I paused to look at the hubby. “This is really good!” He nodded at me, unwilling to take his attention from his sandwich long enough to agree verbally. The soft french bread was a shining star. The salami was stacked in thick layers, thinly sliced and packed with meaty flavor. A lighter layer of ham added a nice balance. The shredded iceburg added a hearty crunch and the provolone a subtle creaminess. I was happily surprised by the pickled sweet peppers. Brightly colored and infused with a tangy vinegar flavor they complimented the sandwich beautifully. The tomatoes were thinly sliced and…okay. Saved by the fact that tomatoes are in season right now and you’d have to dig to find a truly awful one. Just the same, I think I’d skip them in the winter.

The hubby adored his sandwich (shown at the top of this post). He was also impressed by the bread and reported the relish style topping to be “nice and spicy”.

Tony’s lived up to the hype about its sandwiches. Days later my hubby was still waxing poetic about his sandwich, so, needless to say, we’ll be back. I will note though, on a previous visit, I had tried the pasta and while it wasn’t bad, it was not nearly as impressive as the Godmother.

Total for the meal: $17.20 (Included two 6″ subs, one bag of chips and two soft drinks).

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