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The Foyer

Located on Jordan, near UAH, The Foyer is my dream college hangout. In college, I hung out at the Silo, essentially a lunch room with several fast food eateries sprinkled around the perimeter. The hubby and I would pool our money and split an order of breadsticks while finishing up homework. It kept us fed, but more than being particularly delicious or affordable it was simply available.

So stepping into the Foyer was like walking onto a movie set–one of those too perfect places that don’t seem like they could exist in real life. The other patrons were involved in a smattering of activities–a study group at one table, a game of Magic the Gathering at another, a small group intent on dominating each other at the video games crowded in a corner. At one end of the room, a live band was setting up and, as the show time drew closer, a crowd began filtering in and settling in near the stage. The atmosphere invited this sort of coalescing with cushy chairs, couches, and a low bar.

The menu was budget friendly including both meal type items (sandwiches with potato salad or chips) and snacks (including that college staple, ramen). A wide range of beverages includes tea, espresso, steams, and smoothies. Those with a sweet tooth can reliably find cheesecake and, if lucky, day old cupcakes from Sugar Belle which uses their kitchen.

After some discussion with the staffer at the register, who proved to be both friendly and knowledgeable, I ordered a grilled cheese with potato salad and a cup of Earl Grey. The hubby ordered a spicy grilled with a bag of Doritos and a mango smoothie. We added a piece of chocolate cheesecake to split.

After placing our order, we grabbed a table near the wall and studied the art work. I was happy to find that the walls acted as an art gallery–all pieces were by local artists and were for sale.

Our meals came up quickly, and with reasonable portion sizes and retro looking plates it reminded me of nothing so much as having meals at friend’s houses.

The Foyer

My grilled cheese was made on a white bread with a semi open structure and more rustic texture. It was perfectly toasted with a golden exterior. The only downside for me was that it was made with American cheese. For the style of food and clientele they are serving, American cheese made sense. And there was a certain amount of nostalgia, but my foodie proclivities were showing because it still tasted plasticky to me. (I should note that the hubby had no problem with this).

The potato salad was made with red potatoes, the skin left on, in a mayo based sauce with a touch of pepper. Dill was visible, but I could barely taste it. My pickle spear was tangy, but a bit limp. My tea was a brew-it-yourself affair. I was provided a tea bag and a cup of water, which if I had any clue about how long to let tea steep for would have been a better plan. As it was, I managed to make tea-colored tea that I found quite tasty.

The Foyer

The hubby pronounced his spicy grilled sandwich “really good”. The spice came from jalepanos and in addition to cheese, the sandwich also featured salami. His mango smoothie was made with mango, applejuice, milk and sugar and was thin enough to sip through a straw. I stole enough to vouch for it’s deliciousness. The mango flavor lead, followed by the apple.

We finished our meals and inquired after our cheesecake. It promptly appeared topped with Hershy’s syrup and whipped cream. The cheesecake itself was tangy, cut by the bitterness of the chocolate. The result was smooth and mild. If I hadn’t watched them spray the whipped cream from a can, I would have guessed it was fresh because it was so light and fluffy.

The Foyer knows their market and they execute flawlessly. The food is affordable, tasty, and comes wrapped up in an atmosphere that makes you want to settle in and stay awhile. The ultimate college hang out, they offer open mic Wednesdays and stay open late (1am during the summer!). This is the place I wish existed when I was in school and I’m happy to see them thriving in Huntsville.

Total for the meal: $19.44 (included two meals, one smoothie, one cup of tea, and one slice of cheesecake)

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