Venice Pizza [5/5]
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Venice Pizza

Located in a small strip mall just east of Bridge Street, just a small store front with a handful of tables and a counter to order at, Venice Pizza would be easy to overlook. Which would be a shame. They had burbled in and out of my consciousness, but after a reader mentioned them on The Dining Dragon’s Facebook page, the hubby and I stopped in for dinner.

It was a Friday night which, I am convinced, is pizza night the whole country over. The staff was kept busy taking phoned in orders for delivery, but the scatting of tables was plenty for the slow trickle of eat in orders. The expansive menu was almost more than my Friday night feed-me-now brain could handle. Multiple varieties of pizza were followed by calzones, “stuffed bread”, hot subs, cold subs, gyros, club sandwiches, pasta, wings, salads, fries, onion rings, fried dough, cheesecake…

The hubby suggested the Margarita Pizza and we went with that, ordering a medium (12″) pizza and two bottles of soda from the cooler. After placing our order, we selected our sodas and seated ourselves at a table. Overhead, a single small tv was playing sitcoms and we could look out the glass storefront to the pretty weather outside.

Our pizza came up remarkably quickly and we happily dug in. I am used to Margarita Pizzas including diced tomatoes and basil, but nothing else, so I was intrigued by the addition of fresh garlic and feta. We were not disappointed.

The feta was flavorful and soft, almost melty, tucked under the more traditional mozarella which evenly coated the pizza and added a just right texture. The basil was pungent and fresh, adding a lovely bit of green to the pizza. The tomato was applied in partial slices, big enough to be on par with the basil, small enough to be manageable. The fresh garlic was subtle.

The toppings worked together harmoniously, and we were both pleasantly surprised with the flavor combination. We were equally impressed with the crust–thin with a lightly crunchy bottom but a bready crust with a soft interior and a lovely flavor.

The hubby was effusive. During the course of our meal he declared this not only his “favorite flavor combination” but also his “favorite pizza in town”. And I have to agree.

Venice Pizza is not a fancy place but it doesn’t need to be. The pizza is unpretentious, delicious, affordable, and available. They are open until 11pm most nights (10pm on Sunday) and they not only deliver but also cater.

Total for the meal: $17.70 (Includes one 12″ pizza and two bottled soft drinks)

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