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Beauregards is a Huntsville fixture. They closed all of their locations a couple of years ago, got bought by new management and then opened back up–in some of the same locations and some new ones. The hubby and I stopped in at one of the new ones, near the corner of Airport and Whitesburg, to try it out.

We came in for dinner and had a short wait before we could be seated. The restaurant is divided into two main rooms and we were navigated to the back room. The restaurant was well lit and pleasantly warm (which was a surprise as I usually freeze in every restaurant ever). Large, splatter painted canvases filled most of the walls, filling space between the obligatory TVs.

Beauregards is known for their wings and, among my circle of acquaintances, I don’t think most ever order anything else. Blame my stubborn rebellious streak, but I ordered the rib combo instead, selecting sides of coleslaw, french fries, and a “sweet and bold” sauce. The hubby opted for a hickory bacon jack burger.

Just as we were ready place our orders, our server disappeared for a full 10 minutes. It was rather disconcerting, but eventually we got our orders placed and otherwise the service was attentive and our drinks were kept full.

Having already scoped out the room while waiting to place our orders, we had a relaxing chat until our food appeared.

I had suspected that my combo would be a lot of food, but the actuality was rather daunting. See the picture at the top of the post for the full scale. The combo included a quarter rack of ribs and chicken tenders along with my two selected sides.

The fries were lightly crispy with a soft, barely there interior. They were very lightly seasoned and all around fairly run of the mill. The coleslaw was insipid with a light, watery sauce and a vaguely sweet flavor. The shredded carrots were flavorful, but the cabbage had soaked up enough liquid that the outside was squishy, but the interior was still oddly crunchy. Flecks of pepper were visible, but they couldn’t be tasted.

My chicken tenders were thick cut featuring moist tender meat and a light breading. The interior was more greasy than the exterior, but for fried food it was more than reasonable. The ribs were disappointing. The sauce–sweet with a sharp tang–had formed a hard skin over the meat (I rather suspect that the membranes had been left on). I could cut the meat off with a butter knife, but the sauce-skin left sharp edges that kept jabbing me in the mouth.

The included Texas toast was thick white bread, toasted and barely buttered.


The hubby declared his burger “pretty good” with a “really nice” bar-b-que sauce.

Our check appeared halfway through on entrees, which was a little odd for dinner, but would be appreciated at lunch. The food was serviceable but their strength is clearly in the chicken fingers (and wings). I’d go back if a friend wanted to eat there, but I don’t think the hubby and I will be back on our own.

Total for the meal: $28.36 (Includes one combo, one burger, and two soft drinks)

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