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G's Country Kitchen

Years ago a coworker recommended G’s Country Kitchen to me as the place to get fried green tomatoes. Still remembering that conversation, I finally made it in for lunch with Lady A. The front of the restaurant was a wall of windows through which glorious amount of sunlight was streaming. We were quickly seated at a small table near one of the side walls, which gave us an up close view of the hand-painted mural covering both side walls. I especially loved the ads for local businesses painted into the mural.

Lady A and I were on the same wavelength and both ordered the two legs and a thigh lunch plates with a side of the fried green tomatoes (how could we not with that recommendation?). From there we diverged. I selected macaroni and cheese as my second side and cornbread. Lady A went with fried corn and a roll.

Our food came up quickly in a series of plates and small dishes, generously piled with food.

G's Country Kitchen

The fried chicken featured thick, crispy skin and moist dark meat. The macaroni and cheese was delicious with a thick, smooth, homemade sauce. Disappointingly, my cornbread was dry and crumbly with a tougher exterior, but the buttery flavor was a nice surprise. The white onion slice was mild and sweet with a sharp follow up. The tomato slice was a bit mealy, clearly out of season.

G's Country Kitchen

The fried green tomatoes, however, were just as good as promised. Thinly sliced and covered with a corn meal coating, they were crunchy, tangy, and fresh.

Lady A described the fried corn as creamy and “really good”, though a touch greasy. (Her lunch is shown at the top of this post).

As a lunch spot, G’s Country Kitchen hits the highlights–food is cooked to order but they stay busy enough that the wait is minimal . Tables were easily available and our check was ready before we were looking for it. The food is solid home cooking. While some things were not to my taste (I don’t think I’ll ever embrace dry cornbread), others were well executed (the macaroni and cheese and fried chicken) or downright attention getting (those fried green tomatoes). The portions were generous enough that I easily made two meals of my lunch. Worth a trip if you have a hankering for some good country cooking.

Total for the meal: $9.50 (includes one lunch plate and one drink)

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