Granville’s Gourmet Ribs and Barbeque [3/5]
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Granville BBQ

I’d been hearing about Granville BBQ for some time, so when a friend asked me to pick a spot for lunch, I bumped it to the top of the list. I arrived a few minutes before her, so I paused to read the note posted on the door. It was a notice that they would no longer be open on Sundays and normally I would have just skimmed it and moved on. Since I had time to kill, I read the whole notice and was surprised to see the passive aggressive tone–if customers would just come spend money, then they wouldn’t have to be closed. It made a very poor first impression.

My friend arrived and we headed up to the counter to place our order–two regular lunch plates and two drinks. I ordered the pork with fries and baked beans, she opted for the chicken with green beans and collard greens. We filled our drinks and settled in at a table which was ridiculously sticky.

We chatted for a few minutes, soaking in the jazz playing over the speakers and the brightly colored murals on the wall. Our food came out quickly.

My pork (shown at the top of the post) was tender and moist with just a hint of greasiness. It had a nice meaty flavor, with no strong seasonings. There were two sauces on the table. The first was thick and with the same heavy-handed sweetness of a sweet and sour sauce. It wasn’t a bad flavor but it was completely out of place in a bar-b-que joint. The second sauce was a oil based sauce, lightly sweet and seasoned with pepper. This was also a little unusual, but a much better fit with bar-b-qued meat.

My fries were crinkle cut and didn’t grab my attention. The seasoning was tasty, running to the sweet side, but the fries themselves were rather average and some were even cold. My baked beans were served in a thick, tangy, peppery sauce which hit the back of my mouth with a bit of spiciness.

Granville BBQ

My friend described her chicken as flavorful and tender. It was served with a corn “pancake” which was dry and sweet.

Granville’s meat was tender and flavorful but the constant barrage of sweet flavors (On the fries! In the sauces! In the cornbread!) was repetitive. That this was was mostly broken up with pepper (In the sauces! In the baked beans!) didn’t keep it from being predictable. The guilt tripping note and sticky table didn’t do much to improve my view. It’s not someplace I will seek out again (too many other places to try!), but if someone wanted to go, I would go with them. Their food is available through Grub South and I could see ordering in as a change of pace from the usual delivery options.

Total for the meal: $20.20 (Includes two lunch plates and two drinks)

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