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Supper Heroes

If you follow The Dining Dragon on Facebook, then you may remember my excitement when Supper Heroes opened in January. A comic book/ super hero themed restaurant in north east Huntsville, they encourage patrons to come in costume (at any age) and you never know who might be dining at the next table over.

The hubby and I made it out for dinner one Friday night. Walking through the door, a cheerful hostess directed us through the dining area to a back room that served as a waiting area. Although the getting there was a little awkward, the waiting room was comfortable with a long bench, framed posters, and an arcade machine with multiple titles (including Rampage, much to the hubby’s delight). After a brief wait, we were seated at a large booth and supplied with comic book inspired paper menus. The walls were hung with framed comics and the fluorescent light fixtures hand painted with super hero symbols.

As we pondered the menu, I noticed that the kids sitting at tables around us were busily drawing, having been supplied with a cup full of pens. Our server explained that kids are given blank paper to create their own super heroes. Each month, the pictures are scanned and put up on Facebook for the community to vote on. The super hero with the most votes is framed and hung in the Hallway of Justice.

The menu includes burgers (your choice of chicken or beef), salads, appetizers, milkshakes (in Little Debbie flavors!) and daily specials. The hubby and I each opted for burgers. He went with a more classic beef Cowboy Burger while I strayed from the beaten path and selected a chicken Open Sez Me. We ordered soft drinks and I was happy to find that Dr. Pepper, while not listed on the menu, was available.

Our food came up quickly, leaving me just enough time to delight in the comic printed wrapping under the glass of the four-up tables located near us. Each of our burgers came with waffle fries and coleslaw.

My Open Sez Me (shown at the top of this post) featured thick, moist chicken wrapped up in a thin piece of flatbread, lightly toasted on the outside. Keeping the chicken company was soft, salty feta and black olives that avoided the dreaded “can taste”! A flavorful, fresh hummus, sprinkled through with lightly tangy roasted peppers replaced the more traditional condiments. The “burger” had a satisfying weight but each bite was smooth and easily taken. (I mention this because with chicken sandwiches, I often feel like I am in a wrestling match with my sandwich.) The flavors balanced beautifully, creating a lovely dish.

The waffle fries were large, with a crispy exterior. Seasoning was visible, but the flavor was mild. The coleslaw was made from minced cabbage with a sparse amount of sauce. The flavor began sweet but quickly built into a burn that settled back by my sinuses. I couldn’t get more than a few bites in but those who gravitate towards spicy foods will love this stuff.

Supper Heroes

The hubby’s burger was a little more traditional, featuring crispy onion straws and a smokey bar-b-que sauce. He declared it one of the best burgers in town. (So you know we’ll be back.)

Supper Heroes is trying to accomplish something really difficult–run a themed restaurant without making it gimmicky. They do an outstanding job. Their love of superheroes shines through–from the staff’s super hero shirts to small figurines perched on an available ledge. Sure you can wear costumes and soak up the geekery, but you can also just come for the good food and laid back atmosphere.

Total for the meal: $21.10 (Includes two burgers, two soft drinks)

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