Food Fighters Bustaurant [5/5]
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Food Fighters Busteraunt

I was wandering through pages on facebook when I discovered Food Fighters. One of Huntsville’s newest food trucks, set up in an old school bus, they offer a menu of burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. They are usually parked at Straight to Ale which, if you have never been there before can be a bit challenging to find. The trick is to turn at the corner just north of Matrix gym center, approximately across the street from the ice complex. Once you make the turn, you will see an unmarked, small brown building down-a-ways on the right. When the Food Fighters are there, their bus will be parked right next to the building.

We showed up one Friday night, famished and looking forward to food. Seeing the bus, we headed straight there. Turns out, we could have just taken a seat in the taproom. A server from the bustaurant runs back and forth between the two, taking orders, busing tables, delivering checks, and generally keeping you out of the cold. Laminated menus are found on every table, so you have plenty of time to ponder.

Since we were already at the bus, we went ahead and ordered there…a Crun-Chee-Burger for me (I was intrigued by the Crunch sauce and chips) and a Chilli Cheese Burger for the hubby. The burgers come with your choice of fries and we both opted for garlic fries. After placing our order, we found a table in the taproom and pondered the beer menu which was broadcast on a TV behind the bar. The taproom was decorated with large posters featuring the artwork on the labels. A side door lead to two other accessible areas…a larger room in with the brewing tanks where additional tables were set up and a smaller room filled with arcade machines. We ordered our drinks from the bar and settled in.

We chit-chatted for a few minutes before our server found us and let us know that our food would be out shortly. True to her word, food arrived in short order.

Food Fighters Busteraunt

The garlic fries were serious business. Large piles of pressed garlic nestled among the golden fries. Still warm, lightly salted and with a thin, crispy skin the fries were perfectly complimented by the fresh, zippy garlic.

As I first eyed my burger, I was a bit dubious. A squashed bun with a couple of chips poking out the side was a far cry from my vision of the “perfect” burger, the one piled high with vegetables upon a springy bun. Thankfully, I’ve never been one to put overly much stock in looks, because with the first bite, this burger caught my full attention. The patty was outstanding, moist with a great depth of beefy flavor. This is the sort of patty that rightfully deserves titles like “best burger in town”. The cheddar was applied as small pieces, rather than one uniform slice. The chips, your classic thin Lays style potato chips, added a subtle crunch and the crunch sauce was a delightful blend of mayo and horseradish. It added a bit of of punch to the more even keeled beef and cheddar. Looking at the menu later, I noticed that the burger was supposed to include lettuce and onions. I did not see any evidence of those on my burger, but nor can I say that I missed them.

The hubby’s burger (pictured up top) featured a hearty, meaty chili. He also remarked on the patty, living up to the advertisement of “fresh never frozen”.

Food Fighters serves food that is unabashedly bar food. But it would be unfair to write it off as “just bar food”. This is bar food made better. Yes, it’s the hearty and solid, calorie dense food that goes so well with a brew. But it’s also a menu that offers well balanced flavor and texture combinations. And with black bean patties available for any burger, Food Fighters embraces the plant eaters along with their carnivorous brethren.

Total for the meal: $16.00 (includes two burgers with fries)

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