Huntsville is currently in the running to host the Social Media Tourism Conference in November.

Our Chamber of Commerce has been doing a great job organizing the effort and today we are in Round 3 of a tournament style showdown. Our opponent? Cleveland. Our reward? Moving to the next (and final) bracket.

Now if you are a social media type, a blogger, or a business person, the awesomeness is self evident–you could go to the conference and stay in town! But what if this just isn’t your bag? You avoid Facebook, don’t get Twitter, and have no desire to delve into Tumblr. Why should you vote? Why should you care?

Because with conferences come people. And with people come dollars. And hungry stomachs. Both of which are good for our local restaurants. So please take a moment today to VOTE.

Voting runs from 9am CST to 9pm CST.