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Located on University, near FedEx, Chopsticks Asian Grill is a fairly recent addition to Huntsville’s fast casual dining scene. The hubby and I wandered in for dinner one night, capping off an afternoon of errands.

On our way in, we passed a spacious outdoor patio, complete with a wood deck and wicker furniture. Although out of season now, it looked like a lovely place to pass comfortable spring and fall days. Complete the picture with a smoothie or boba tea from Chopstick’s menu.

On this visit, we skipped the smoothies and opted instead for soft drinks and dinner. I ordered the Singapore special with chicken, white rice, and an egg roll. The hubby settled on lo main with chicken and a spring roll. After ordering at the counter, we filled our drinks, picked up silverware, and claimed a table.

The interior of the restaurant was painted in bright colors, a cheerful respite from the gray day outside. We chatted and our food came out quickly.


Our egg and spring rolls came out together on a single dish. My egg roll sported a crunchy exterior filled with cabbage and carrots and featured a strangely misplaced tangy vinegary scent. The vinegary scent was paralleled in a harsh flavor. The accompanying sweet and sour sauce worked to drown it out, but it was odd. The hubby reported his spring roll as “normal”, not vinegary, and including crunchy noodles.


The Singapore special consisted of thin noodles, chicken, green onions, onions, and carrots in a yellow curry. I found the curry spicier than I was expecting though the hubby rated it just below medium. The texture of the rice noodles threw me a bit, having a tendency to stick together but still be wiggly. Otherwise the dish was fairly average. The chicken was tender and the onions crunchy. The accompanying white rice was sticky, allowing it to be eaten with chopsticks.

The hubby found his lo mein (shown at the top of this post) to be fair.

Chopsticks delivers on it’s promise of quick asian food with more options than your standard delivery place. The food is on par with most fast casual places–decent enough, but not something I’m in an especial hurry to get back to.

Total for the meal: $21.77 (includes two plates, an order of white rice, and two soft drinks)

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