Main St. Cafe and Bakery [5/5]
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Main St. Cafe and Bakery

I find myself in the Main St South Shopping Village on a regular basis. And every time I drive through the parking lot, I see the sunny yellow and white striped awning of Main St. Cafe and Bakery (not affiliated with the Main St Cafe in Madison) and smile. The hubby and I had the rare opportunity to meet up for a mid week lunch, so we were finally able to head in and check it out.

We pondered our options at the counter for a moment before ordering. Sandwiches, salads, bakery items, a soup of the day, the daily special….I settled on that day’s special which included meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread, and dessert. The hubby went for a smoked turkey sandwich with a side of pasta salad.

We filled our drinks at the soda fountain and settled into a small table by one of the large windows. The checkerboard floor was charming and the light streaming in the window was a wonderful escape from the cool weather outside. Through a door in the back, we could peak into the bakery area which stocked the front display case with all sorts of tempting treats.

Our food came up quickly and we happily tucked in. I was blown away by the meatloaf. Moist and flavorful it had a light brushing of tangy bar-b-que sauce on the crust which nicely complimented the slightly sweet loaf. The soft texture was studded with carrots, celery, and small crunchy bits.

The green beans were equally refreshing. Fresh, topped with butter and a bit of pepper, they were tender without being mushy, The mashed potatoes were creamy and had the tang of being made with sour cream, Pepper made an appearance here as well and the dish was topped with cheddar cheese. My roll was tender and airy, with a lightly sweet flavor. When I ordered, I had opted for butter on my roll, so it was neatly sliced in half and generously buttered.

The dessert had caused some consternation for the woman at the register who wasn’t really sure how to describe it. Pie? Cobbler? I’ll go with tasty. The dish consisted of a thick blueberry pie filling layer atop custard nestled in a crumbly, cakey crust.

Main St. Cafe and Bakery

The hubby adored his sandwich dubbing it “the best sandwich I’ve had in town”. Which, given that this man has a proclivity for ordering turkey sandwiches is quite a statement. He commented on the good turkey and real dijon mustard but raved about the thick sliced house made Italian peasant bread. The pasta salad was a solid side.

Open for breakfast and lunch, the Main St. Cafe Bakery also offers catering and custom cakes and pies. The bakery items looked divine, and given how delicious the breads in our meals were, I expect their other baked goods will hold to a high standard. We will be back.

Total for the meal: $18.31 (includes one daily special, one sandwich with side, and two soft drinks)

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