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Sun Cafe

At the recommendation of a reader, the hubby and I headed into Sun Cafe for dinner one evening. Located in a small strip of shops near the Madison Square Mall, we were expecting something fairly low key. Instead we discovered an interior that featured beautiful, relaxing decor and low mood lighting. The expansive menu included sushi, curries, noodles, kitchen dishes, chef specials, lunch specials and a wine selection which included plum wine.

A little overwhelmed by all the choices, I asked our server for her recommendation and went with the suggested Thai red curry with beef. My husband opted for the Thai basil with chicken and we added one of the specials, an order of sweet potato rolls. The meals came with white rice and your choice of either a spring roll or one of several soups. The hubby added a spring roll, I selected egg drop soup.

We chatted, checking out the decor and melting into the quiet ambiance, while we waited for our food, Our appetizers came up quickly.

Sun Cafe

My egg drop soup was thick, bordering on gelatinous, a full of bits of cooked egg. It was a wonderfully comforting texture, the sort of thing you want to fall into when curled up on the couch with a pile of kleenex and a stack of movies you know by heart. Served with the soup was a pile of light, puffed, crispy strips. The majority of their flavor came through in the light touch of oil they were fried in.

Sun Cafe

The hubby’s spring roll came served with a small dish of sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Our dinner’s followed shortly after the appetizers. My beef curry (shown at the top of this post) had the tell-tale slightly sweet fragrance of curry that always makes me think of cardamom and included beef, bell pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms. The beef was tender, the bell pepper crispy and sweet. My only word of warning is that this dish was marked as not spicy but was more of a low end medium. It started very mild but grew as you ate. The provided white sticky rice was well cooked and served plain. The sauce of my curry paired nicely with the rice.

Sun Cafe

The hubby enjoyed his dish which was comprised of chicken, fresh green beans, basil and onions.

Sun Cafe

The sweet potato rolls arrived shortly after our entrees. For some reason I had been thinking more dumpling and less sushi roll, so I was surprised to discover what I had actually ordered. We rolled with it. My husband greatly enjoyed these, especially the wasabi which earned several exclamations. One whiff of the strong seaweed smell was enough to convince me to stick to the innards only. (I know it’s some sort of superfood, but I just can’t get past the flavor) The rolls contained tender sweet potatoes and something thin and white which I couldn’t quite place but whose crunchy texture lent a nice contrast to the soft sweet potato. The drizzle of soy balanced nicely with the flavors of the vegetables.

For a relaxing meal, Sun Cafe offers a great ambiance and convenient location. (Hello holiday shopping break). The dishes range from solid (the thai curry) to excellent (the egg drop soup). They have an expansive sushi selection including cooked rolls if raw fish isn’t your thing. We enjoyed it and will likely return.

Total for the meal: $29.99 (Includes two dinners, one order of sweet potato rolls (on special) and two soft drinks)

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