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Sweet Cece's

Frozen yogurt or “fro-yo” has been enjoying a renaissance lately. Shops have been popping up just about everywhere, including several spots in Huntsville. The hubby has never been much of a frozen yogurt fan so it was only recently that we made it out to Sweet Cece’s to give it a try.

The concept is simple, walk in, pick up a cup, and serve yourself whatever combination of yogurt flavors and toppings makes your heart (or stomach) happy. Want to try all 8 flavors? That’s cool. Want a sprinkle of every possible topping? Totally okay. You are in control.

Pricing is done by weight, not ingredient, which makes checking out quick and efficient. Be forewarned though, the supplied cups are HUGE which means you have to be especially mindful of the age old “eyes vs stomach” debate, the scale of the cup can fool you.

The hubby and I spent a few minutes surveying all the choices before we started assembling our cups. Yogurt flavors ranged from the usual (original tart, chocolate milk, very vanilla) to the slightly off beat (peanut butter cup, cupcake batter, apple pie ala mode). There was one sugar free offering (razzle dazzle) and all of the various flavors were offered in pairs, meaning you could get flavor A, flavor B, or a swirl of the two. The signage was clear, so there was no confusion as to what was where.

The hubby went with the peanut butter and chocolate swirl, adding some additional chocolate yogurt before heading to the toppings area for oreos, waffle cone bits, crushed peanut butter cups and chocolate chips.

I was lured in by the cupcake batter, which I paired with chocolate and topped with waffle cone pieces, oreos, chocolate chips, strawberries and mochi.

I nearly missed the mochi and strawberries because the toppings are done in two areas. The first, next to the yogurt machines, are wall mounted dispensers holding dryier treats–sugary cereals, granola, chocolate chips, waffle cone bits, crushed candy, etc. Next to that is a more traditional buffet style serving area with the more delicate/gummy/liquidy treats–fruit, gummy bears, mochi, brownie bites, pieces of cheesecake, etc.

We picked up a couple of bottles of water along with our yogurt and settled in at a table. The shop was cheerful, painted in bright pinks and teals, with chairs to match. Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling and artwork from a local artist adorned the walls (and was for sale). A portion of the room had been dubbed a “kids corner”, offering a play kitchen, chalkboard, and a low table.

The yogurt was surprisingly mild, winning over even my yogurt adverse husband. My cupcake batter had a lovely aroma and a richly vanilla-y flavor, without being overly sweet. The hubby’s peanut butter was a delightfully light peanut butter that played well with the other flavors. The mild, even chocolate blended well with both.

The mochi, which I had not had before, were small pieces of soft, somewhat squishy, sweet rice cakes. They were absolutely dreamy, a far improved version of the marshmallow as they did not harden from contact with the cold yogurt. The strawberries were fresh and firm and the crisp waffle cone pieces carried a strong vanilla flavor. The Oreos were nearly powdered, but added a nice bit of crunch, as did the semi sweet chocolate chips.

Sweet Cece’s offers a nice get-a-way from the every day whirl of activity. The variety of frozen yogurt and bevy of toppings ensures there is something for every taste and the store offers a quiet spot to enjoy it. Not as heavy as ice cream, the frozen yogurt is a sweet treat that you won’t regret. If you are looking to check it out, know that their hours have changed from what is listed on their website, they are now Monday-Saturday 12-8 and Sunday 2-8.

Total for the treat: $9.37 (Included two cups, each about 3/4 full, and two bottles of water.)

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