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Spurred by an expiring Groupon, the hubby and I headed in to Fulin’s for a midweek meal. Located in the new Target shopping center in Madison, the exterior has your standard modern shopping center vibe. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to find the interior spacious and relaxing with low key instrumental music.

The hubby and I were quickly seated, in a lovely oversized booth. As our server delivered our drinks, I asked for her recommendations and was quickly given several enthusiastic suggestions. I selected the Mu Shu Pork with fried rice and the hubby opted for the spicy Mongolian Beef with brown rice.

Our food arrived promptly and our server, clearly used to patrons unfamiliar with Asian cuisine, launched into an explanation of how to place the pork mixture in the pancakes. It was clearly a slow night as she also made an un-requested return trip to give us extra plates so we could share our dishes. It was a bit bemusing, but she clearly intended to be helpful, so it was hard to fault her for it.

The food itself was lovely.


My MuShu Pork (also shown at the top of this post) featured tender, flavorful pork, glossy with oil. Balancing the pork was an array of veggies–bean sprouts, cabbage, slices of crisp green onion, shredded carrots for color, mild mushrooms–and bits of fried egg. The pancakes did, indeed, resemble nothing so much as very thin, slightly dusty tortillas, but the saucy had a wonderful depth of flavor, a touch of sweetness followed by a bitter tang. The flavors melded well together, although I preferred the filling and sauce as a stand alone combo rather than add in the light dustiness of the pancakes.

I made a conscious effort not to look for (and pick out) the mushrooms and, for the most part, did not have any issues. One particularly large/spongy piece of mushroom did trigger my texture issues, but otherwise, they were very mild.

The fried rice was lightly fried, the only addition being egg, and made a nice light accompaniment to the dish.

The hubby enjoyed both his main dish and his rice.

My husband finished his meal before I did and our server, ever on the ball, appeared to ask about boxes and bring the check. I made clear that I was still eating, but boxes still appeared nearly immediately.

Despite the overly attentive service, the hubby and I had a nice time. The atmosphere was pleasant, the food well executed, and we were able to eat our meal with real chopsticks instead of those splintery wooden ones! They boast a party room able to seat 12-15 people which would be ideal for meetings, parties, or other gatherings (call a couple of days in advance). The main room has a large projector screen and it sounded like there might be one on the horizon for the party room as well.

Total for the meal: $32.33 (Included 2 soft drinks and two dinners, before our Groupon)

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