Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q [5/5]
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Big Bob Gibson's

The Gibson BBQ spot that started it all, Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q has two locations in Decatur. The hubby and I stopped by the 6th Avenue location one Saturday for lunch.

Walking through the door, we found ourselves pressed for space. Trophies squeezed up against the register and lined the wall. Medal, plaques and news clippings covered the remaining real estate. The small entry area was filled with hungry families and a steady stream of arriving school groups, in town for a track meet.

We arrived just as a booth opened up and were quickly seated. The menu offered the usual suspects–bar-b-qued pork, chicken, turkey, brisket, ribs, etc–with the entire back page dedicated to listing various awards won and media appearances.

After some debate, I settled on a loaded bbq pork stuffed potato and the hubby went with the large turkey plate with sides of baked beans and potato salad.

While waiting for our food, we watched a rather impressive stream of track and fielders file in. One team filled nearly half of the restaurant but the staff handled the group without blinking an eye. Their table was ready, separate checks were handled cleanly, food arrived in good time. I was impressed at how smoothly things appeared to run.

The chatter of conversations and clatter of silverware ran a bit loud but the hubby and I managed to talk without too much of an issue. Our food arrived in good time and we happily dug in.

Big Bob Gibson's

This photo does not do justice to the sheer size of my stuffed potato. I easily made two meals of it, so even those with hearty appetites should find it plenty filling. In addition to being huge, this potato was truly loaded, every bite (even down to the bottom) was filled with pork, thick pieces of bacon, thinly shredded cheddar, melted butter, and sour cream. The chives were chopped into small pieces and primarily added color. The pork was moist and tender, with a full, meaty flavor and melted beautifully into the soft texture of the potato.

My husband was highly complimentary of his meal (shown at the top of this post). The potato salad and pickle were both positively remarked upon and the baked beans, which featured sweet pickles and onion, were exclaimed over. Together, he declared them the “best, most flavorful sides” he had ever had at a bbq joint. The turkey was good even without the sauce, but he enjoyed the slightly sweet, smoky sauce as well.

Big Bob Gibson's

I skipped the rolls but the hubby pronounced them fairly standard, slightly buttery rolls.

The hubby and I both greatly enjoyed our meals. Big Bob Gibson’s provides a superbly even bbq experience. Not only is the meat is tender, flavorful, and well cooked but the sides are equally well developed. It’s easy to see why this popular spot has roots going back 75 years. We’ll be back and would happily bring out of town guests looking for the “southern bbq experience”.

Total for the meal: $21.43 (includes one stuffed pork potato, one turkey plate, and two drinks)

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