Shanes Rib Shack [3/5]
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Shane's Rib Shack

Underwhelmed by the dismal status of our fridge, the hubby and I headed out for a mid week dinner and landed at Shane’s Rib Shack. They are a franchised outfit which offers various and sundry bar-b-que standards.

I viewed the menu with some trepidation after seeing their cheeseburger came with American “cheese”, but I try to keep an open mind, so we stepped up to the counter and placed our order. A half rack rib plate with sweet potato fries and baked beans for me and a bbq chicken plate with baked beans and french fries for my hubby. Both plates came with a piece of Texas toast.

The restaurant was spacious and the AC was on overdrive to combat the summer heat. We filled our drinks at the soda bar and grabbed a table away from the AC vents.

Our food came out in relatively short order, delivered by a server who announced my half rack of ribs as a full rack. When I told her I only had ordered a half rack and asked which it was she couldn’t tell me. She later came by to see if I had counted the bones yet (7 bones in the half rack). I was a little boggled that she couldn’t tell the difference between the two dishes.

Once I stopped boggling, I moved onto my dinner. The ribs were meaty, lightly pink, and on the large side. The thick, sweet glaze that coated the ribs was responsible for most of the flavor. Although not tough, the meat stopped short of being truly tender, requiring a knife to remove the bones. Additional “original” sauce was available on the table, but as I’m happiest with sauce-lite bar-b-que, I didn’t find it necessary.

The baked beans were thick, sweetened with brown sugar and studded with bits of pork. The sweet potato fries (a recent obsession of mine) sported a lightly crispy exterior, with a soft, sweet interior. The salt levels ranged from just right to overly salted.

The Texas toast was a disappointment. Tucked under the ribs, one corner had grown soggy and the balance tasted like plain white bread.

Shane's Rib Shack
My husband found his food “okay”, with nothing standing out as particularly noteworthy.

For the messy eaters among us, they offer a sink in the dining room for cleaning sticky hands. When attempting to actually use it however, I found the proximity to the kitchen entrance rather alarming. Visions of a hurried employee running smack into me with a plate of food made the handwashing a rather anxious event.

Shane’s does have some notable features. They serve beer, offer a gluten free menu, and are open Sundays. That said, neither the husband or I was overly enamored with their food, especially not at nearly $15 a person. If someone was intent on dining there, I’d go along, but it wouldn’t be my pick.

Total for the meal: $29.12 (Included one half rib plate, one chicken plate, and two drinks)

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