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Sandwich Farm

My friend, the Lady A, tipped me off to Sandwich Farm, which recently opened just north of downtown. With the same owner as 3 Skillets, Sandwich Farm shares in the commitment to fresh, sustainable (local when possible) food.

I packed a book and headed in for a midweek lunch. The servers were uniformly friendly and courteous, and the menu, with it’s painted chalkboard illustrations thoroughly charmed me. After some debate, (the BLT has fried mozzarella, y’all) I settled on a roast beef sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries and an unsweet tea.

I was handed a handled mason jar filled with crushed ice before I even finished paying. I filled it with tea and seated myself along the shared bench. I was happily lost in my book when a server noticed my food was not yet out. She took the initiative to check in with me, follow up with the kitchen, report back, and, just a few minutes later, deliver my lunch. I was impressed with the whole transaction, not least because I hadn’t yet even begun to wonder where my food was.

My sandwich was comprised of hearty layers of roast beef, horseradish mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, and tomato tucked into a fresh baguette. The baguette was sliced, buttered and toasted giving the bread a bit of crunch to balance the soft, chewy interior. The thick, flavorful slices of roast beef paired beautifully with the light zip of the horseradish mayonnaise. The medium cheddar was full bodied enough to hold its own against the other flavors and the onion added a crisp crunch. The lettuce added color more than anything but the tomato…songs should be written to this tomato. Thickly sliced and bursting with farm fresh flavor, the tomato was absolutely lovely.

I have fallen in love with sweet potato fries lately and these added fuel to that fire. Sweet, lightly crunchy and dusted with sea salt, they were a delicious alternative to the standard bagged potato chips. I did find that salt tended to collect on the paper, but it was easy to dredge the fries through them if I wanted more salt.

Sandwich Farm has easily become my new favorite spot in town. With astonishingly fresh food, personable service, and piped music including Oasis and Michael Jackson, is it any wonder I’ve been back 3 times in as many weeks? For those who may not be feeling the sandwich vibe, any of their offerings can be made as a salad, served over fresh greens with a housemade dressing. Beverages include tea, Jones sodas, bottled water, and canned sodas.

Total for the meal: $10.52 (Includes one roast beef sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries and one unsweet tea)

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