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Gyro Uno

Out running errands one night, the hubby and I stopped by Gyro Uno for dinner. Alongside the gyros and falafel, their menu included “grilled flatbread” dishes made with tortillas and a massive 2 pound burger served with 2 pounds of fries.

If the giant burger (free if you finish it in 45 minutes, otherwise $25) wasn’t enough of a tip off that they are trying to attract a younger crowd, the later hours would be. Most nights they close at 9, but Friday and Saturday, they keep their doors open until midnight.

After staring down the menu for a few minutes, we stepped up to the counter and placed our order. A classic gyro for me, a ranchero flatbread with fries for the hubby, and a drink for each of us.

Drinks in hand, we picked out a booth and surveyed the kitschy signs on the walls. Covering skating, motorcycling, coffee and “chicks rule”, the only theme seemed to be that it could be easily attached to the wall.

Our food came up quickly and I found myself trying to determine the best way to eat my gyro (shown at the top of the post) without getting taziki sauce on (or up) my nose). The answer? Lots of napkins, as I didn’t totally succeed. The taziki sauce itself was airy with a gentle cucumber flavor. It was tasty, but the onions and tomatoes were completely lost in the pillowy sauce. The thick slices of meat, a blend of beef and lamb was well seasoned and complimented nicely by the soft flavor of the taziki. The thick, dense pita was a disappointment, it was store bought and tasted like it.

The hubby was happy enough with his meal.

Gyro Uno

His grilled flatbread (a tortilla) was filled with chicken, bacon, grilled onions, and feta and came served with salsa, sour cream, and a thousand island type dressing on the side. He was especially happy with the salsa which included tomatoes, corn, and black beans. The french fries (which I sampled) had a potatoe-y taste, enhanced by the skins still left on the end. The exteriors were ever so lightly crisped and the interiors were soft,

The food was decent, and for a late night college hangout, it sure beats heading to a fast food place. The problem with a place that does a little bit of everything, however, is that someone else will almost always do any one thing better. Gyro Uno is no exception. If what you are craving is Greek food, there are better options.

Total for the meal: $19.37 (Included one gryo, one grilled flatbread, one side of fries, and two drinks).

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